Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

Turn Your iPod Touch Into iPhone With Pod2Phone [Cydia Tweak]

If you are bored with your iPod Touch and want some spice in it and to make your friends fool with your iPod Touch than you came across to the right place, here is tweak named “Pod2Phone” available which helps you to do all the things, with the help of this tweak you can turn your iPod Touch into iPhone. This tweak simply change the graphical interface of your iPod to same like the iPhone and add some fake icons on your springboard.

You can modify your device manually from in the device settings and make your iPod to iPhone. It just add graphical interface not original features of iPhone :-D, you can get this from the repository of ZodTTD & Macch. Since this tweak only tells you to add these more tweaks which help you to turn your iPod into iPhone.

For example, you are prompted to install the theme Fake iPhone Theme for WinterBoard on Cydia, applications Talking Babies, Fake SMS and Call Free from the App Store and so on.