Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Turn Your iPad Into A Racetrack With Disney Appmates This Weekend

Disney has got something for its fan out there. Disney is planning to convert your iPad into a Racetrack. Disney has planned to launch a new line of Toys which will be compatible with iPad and will turn it into a racetrack for Kids.

Allthingsd reports that:

In a live demonstration, Bart Decrem, general manager of Disney Mobile, showed me how it works. First, he placed a miniature car on the iPad’s screen to create a bond with the game — no Bluetooth or wires needed. As Decrem moved the toy car across the screen, the game reacted: Cars skidded out in the mud, knocked over buildings and honked their horns, startling tractor-shaped cows.

Disney Appmate is said to be focused on the cartoon, “Cars 2” by Disney. The game is said to be made for the Boys of Age Six, who love to knock of things.

“Kids used to come home from school and watch the Disney Channel, and while they still are, now kids are coming home and playing on their iPad and iPod touch.”

The game is in production and will be released on October 1st. the game will be putted on Shelves of the store on Saturday and the game to run the cars will be available the same day in App Store. The Game will be free in the App Store, where as initially Disney has planned to release four “Cars 2” characters.

Lightning McQueen

Tow Mater

Finn McMissile

Holley Shiftwell

The cost of Each-Two pack is priced $20.


The videos demoed are really cool. Lets see what these cars actually look like and how successful they are on their launch.

So whose in for these Cars? Do let us know if you are planning to buy one.