Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Tsunami Of People Gathered Out Side Chinese Apple Store For iPhone 4S

Finally the day is arriving for the launch of iPhone 4S in China. The official launch of iPhone 4S is making its way to China after few hours. The Tsunami of people has already started to gather outside the Chinese Apple Store. Only 12 hours are left for the official launch of the iPhone 4S in China and five retail stores in China are seeing a huge Tsunami of people outside the stores.

The report comes from Tech in Asia that:

At the two stores in Beijing, and the three in Shanghai, there are clearly lines stretching hundreds of meters, with reports of hundreds of queuers at each, snaking around city blocks (see more photos below). Most stores have a ticketing system to deter queue-jumpers, but that won’t stop the ‘scalpers’ who buy the phones to resell later at a profit.

The China Unicon, the China’s largest Mobile Carrier will start to sell iPhone 4S online by 12:01 AM. There is a fishy thing in the prices of the iPhone 4S which are sold by Apple. The prices are inclusive of Tax. The prices are $790/$932/$1,074 for the three capacities of unlocked iPhone 4S models.

Don’t forget that you can get the iphone 4S for free on contract for 3 years and 2 years from China Unicom.