Wed. May 25th, 2022

TSMC’s “Rush Orders” Suggests Apple’s Pressure On The iPhone 5 Production

A new report surfaces today which suggests Apple’s high demand of iPhone 5 parts from all over its iOS devices parts manufactures, the news come to us from the third quarter sales report of the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, which is said to be the back bone of Broadcom, the main supplier of Apple for its iOS devices parts. The report suggests that the TSMC sales was recently fueled by the some massive orders from the Broadcom, and on it analysts suggests that all of the orders are coming from Apple for the iPhone 5 massive amount of production for the third quarter launch.

The report suggests that Apple has filled the Broadcom with its iPhone 5 parts orders, and also Apple wants to make some grip on the market with the massive production of iPhone 5 to compete the demand of the users on the launch of iPhone 5.


via Bloombergs