Sat. May 21st, 2022

Trojan’s Increasing In Mac OS X, New One Accesses Your GPU To Fetch Bitcoins

Well, folks the Mac OS X was said to be the world’s safest OS which never required an anti virus which also made it the worlds best OS except of developers ease. In this year there have been three trojans out in which one was the real good trick, to install the Adobe Flash Player which was a trojan accessing your hard drive after that it was another quadmatic trojan poping up a .pdf file with the chinese encoding which also accessed your system and the last trojan was identified in October same as the first one, the Adobe Flash Player installation screen poped up and blocked your anti malware update.. yes if you install the player, your Mac’s anti malware tool gets disabled which means that after the trojan it wont update and the next trojan will be getting in a jiffy…

Graham Cluley of Sophos wrote in a blog post

It’s becoming clearer every week that Mac users need to take malware protection more seriously by running anti-virus software.

Ok this new buddy is flexibly hardcore as it accesses your GPU and turn your DIGITAL MONEY to $$$$$ by the saved precious logins and saved accounts. Anti folks name it as “DevilRobber” and it uses Java to install an application on your Mac which will be named “DiabloMiner”, back door, an ofcourse Trojan which gets the stuff out of your Mac plus the bitcoins.