Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Tribute To Steve Jobs, His Portrait Made By 4,001 Post It Notes And More

Our tech buddy passed away on October 5th, 2011 a day after the iPhone 4S was revealed and it was also reported that the he saw the keynote remotely from his house. He did many things for him self and the world, one example I would like to mention is of the iPhone. The iPhone was released back in 2007 when the only mobile rulers were Nokia and Samsung as the BlackBerry was also new to the market, that time. How did we got an iPhone well a book by Former Senior Vice President of Apple (Ex) Jay Elliot with Willam L. Simon “The Steve Jobs Way”, it had a wonderful line which was

He loved the convenience of the cell phone but hated the heavy, clumsy, ugly, hard-to-use phones on the market, and that dissatisfaction lead to his giving himself and the rest of us the iPhone.

Yes , its true, it should be… Well if we cant do any thing for them at least a tribute. Folks in Munich, Germany planned to tribute Steve Jobs by sticking Post It Notes out side the Apple Store which they did in a complete one day. In there album, (the photos taken were uploaded on Facebook) they wrote

>4001 post-its
>400m ducktape
>6h work
>100% motivation

created with a mac, filmed with an iphone4 and edited with iMovie on a MacBookAir

Below is the complete album they uploaded (Except the last one)

This was a real hard one and impressive.. There were two more tributes.. One made by the MacBook parts and another was “Art Of Salt”, Jobs’s portrait by the Salt we would also like to share those with the video of the above tribute.. Loved them all and a great work !

Plus “Art Never Dies” !!

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