Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Transfer Video Between iDevices With “Video Stream” (App)

With the introduction of iOS 5, Apple introduced many new features in it. We came across the features that we never imagined. A part from the introduction of iOS 5, Apple also introduced iPhone 4S with some major changes except the Design. The combination of iOS 5 and iDevices is totally outstanding. With the update of iOS 5, Apple introduced a new feature called Photo Stream which is connected to iCloud. iCloud is used to store your things online. You can do a full backup of your iDevice without iTunes.

After going through all the 200 features introduced by Apple in iOS 5, missed something which was never thought of. It did introduced Photo Stream and forgot about the Video Stream. Photo Stream lets you share your Photos on your iDevice, PC, or MAC. It simply uploads to iCloud and then the Pictures are transferred to the associated Devices.

Now with the enhanced camera of iPhone 4S (1080p) people love to shoot videos from it. The size of the Video is so big that a person runs out of memory only while shooting the video. So he is left with no other choices than deleting the video or transferring it to PC or MAC. So once again Apple left us with no other option other than doing the above ones. But thanks to the Developers and their love for the iDevices that they complete the hole left by Apple with a new App or any Tweak. To fix the issue of Video, the Developers came up with an App called Video Stream, which works the same way as Photo Stream. It works in a simple way:

You can manually import videos from your Camera Roll (or shoot new ones directly into Video Stream) and the app will start uploading them to iCloud. Once it’s done, the videos will begin showing up on other devices running Video Stream, like an iPad.

The Videos shot by iPhone 4S are of High  Quality and big in size, So this App provides you with three options:

  1. Low Quality
  2. Medium Quality
  3. High Quality

The video test was taken by Federico Viticci, of macstories and found out that the App also decreases the size from huge MB into Small MB. Like he shot a 5minutes video which was of 25 MB and after processing through this App in order to upload it, He got the final size of 2 MB.

The App is available for Download on the App Store for $0.99 (Limited Time). Do remember that this App is not a permanent solution for storing your Videos in iCloud. But it helps to reduce the size and makes it easy to upload.