Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

Toshiba To Show “Worlds Thinnest and Lightest” Tablet & Ultrabook at CES 2012

Since the Apple has introduced the Macbook Air in a market, there are lot of tech giants have been working from months to produce an ultrabooks to beat the Apple’s amazing design of Macbook Air. Today, Toshiba Japan has to release a press note claiming that they are going to bring the “worlds thinnest and lightest tablet and ultrabook” to the CES 2012.

Toshiba Thinnest Ultra book
Toshiba Japan has claimed to have both 10.1-inch tablet and the 13.3-inch thinnest and lightest ultrabook to show off at the Consumer Electronic Show 2012, this month. In addition to claim, Toshiba has also said to be have a prototype waterproof tablet with the OLED display and with the capabilities of wireless charging.

Well, in the past, we have seen similar claims from the Toshiba to be have a thinnest and lightest ultrabook for the customers, but seems to be failed. However, this year a lot of things going to happen and in the last year we have seen many new technologies discovery.  Toshiba also going to come up with a new series of  LED televisions too in the CES 2012, the company has claimed to be have a 55-inch TV with a QFHD resolution, glasses-free 3D display to the event.

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