Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Top 5 “The New iPhone” iPhone 5 Rumors Of The Time

Apple is already on the verge with the announcement of most awaited and hyped iPhone 5 “The New iPhone” in the public. Just couple of hours are more needed to announce the new iPhone in the market. Tomorrow, Apple will finally launch the iPhone 5 in the market, and the current time is full of content. We are having number of posts in our hands to seed our readers. And to take a start with posts edition. We selected to go with top most 5 iPhone 5 rumors of the time.


Summary: iPhone 5 is set to launch tomorrow but the rumors are not coming to a halt. Here are the top 5 rumors surrounding iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 is about to launch in just one day and with speculations flowing in the air, Apple is enjoying all the attention, as it is used to! But, there are some weird iPhone 5 rumors that you need to know and the top 5 are explained here.

It might not be called iPhone 5

For the meanwhile, we are all satisfied to call it iPhone 5, but whether Apple would call it so or not is still questionable. When 4S was launched, even then everyone speculated it to be iPhone 5, but it was not named so. We are yet to know whether this iPhone (if it is released) will be called iPhone 5 or something else such as iPhone X or maybe iPhone slim!

iPhone 5 will be available on September 12

What Apple does is always secretive. Whether iPhone 5 will be launched on September 12 or iPad Mini will be unveiled is still something that we do not know. We are only expecting iPhone 5 because the invite with the #12 casts the shadow of 5! Apple’s last minute details are still not known to us. We can just remain skeptical till the final launch tomorrow.

You might not be able to buy it on 21 September

According to one news report on August 30, it was unveiled that sharp, which is the manufacturer of next iPhone’s screen is not up to the schedule because of the financial reasons. This might threaten the launch of iPhone 5. Solution might be that Apple would facilitate financial incentives in order to keep the launch and delivery of next iPhone as per the date. Again it is speculative because no one knows what Apple is up to, until the official event.

Next iPhone would be larger and slimmer

This is one of the most common rumors flowing in the air. The new iPhone is expected to be thinner and taller than the previous model. There are certain sites that are claiming to see the skeleton of iPhone 5, according to which the screen size is taller and slimmer.

Display might use the in-cell technology

It is expected that the new iPhone will be using the in-cell technology where the touch-sensors reside in color filters, thus eliminating extra layer as well as thinning of the touchscreen interface via assimilation of image components as well as touch.

All these rumors are surrounding iPhone 5, which will only be put to rest tomorrow at the official launch event.