Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

Top 5 Expected Features in iPhone 5

iPhone 5

Apple will not confirm anything until its launch event, but does that stop us from guessing what features can we expect in the new iPhone? Of course not! According to the market speculations as well as rumors, we give you the top five features to expect in iPhone 5 and here are these:

The Case

We expect the iPhone 5 case to be a bit taller than iPhone 4S. This leaves us with a longer screen. The handset appears to be equipped with the piece of metal along with glass panels on top as well as bottom so as to maximize the wireless reception. Also, the new iPhone is expected to be 30% slimmer than iPhone 4S.iPhone 5

The Screen

Next comes the screen. From the point #1, it would be very clear that the iPhone 5 will come equipped with the taller screen. Remember, we are saying “taller” and not “wider!” Expectedly, the new screen will measure 4” from end to end but the width remains the same. There are larger devices in the markets such as Samsung Galaxy S III which have wider screens.

Bid adieu to the dock connector

The dock connector which has remained a part of the Apple devices since 2003 will be bidden adieu now. The connector which was initially used for charging the device or connecting to the docks or the other accessories has been replaced now. It is getting a thinner look now and there will be a thinner connector in dock connector’s place now.

4G compatibility

Reports suggest that the new iPhone 5 is expected to have 4G LTE networks connectivity, which clearly indicates that users will have access to faster browsing experience. iPhone 5 would be featuring a faster speed than its predecessors. So this is definitely one reason to upgrade your current iPhone 5.

Better performance

With all being said, it would not be wrong to mention that the iPhone 5 will showcase better performance along with speed. You should also not be surprised if you see that the RAM has been doubled. After all, it will give you more space for data!


What can you finally expect from the iPhone 5? Better, slimmer and taller iPhone for sure! Obsolete features are done away with and this leaves a room for the better and great features for sure! If you are amazed and excited for these features, keep following the iPhone 5 news for further speculations and gossips!