Mon. May 23rd, 2022

TomTom Unveils New iOS App Uses Facebook & Twitter Data For Navigation

TomTom is already known for their awesome contribution of turn-by-turn navigation in the iOS market by their technology, and the company is already making a lot from their standalone devices for customers to provide the real time navigation system in the country. The company has already enough iOS apps available in the market for the Apple’s iOS devices fans.

Like all other companies, today TomTom has just unveiled its upcoming updates of their iOS apps at the CES 2012 floor. TomTom has unveiled its newer version of the app, which is said to be utilize the social network site data to provide an enhanced version of navigation right on your device.

According to the TomTom preview of the app newer version, the app will now utilize data with your permission from social network websites like Facebook or Twitter, the data provided by your friends or fans on social network, and the app will provide you enhanced view of the navigation bases on that data. However, the press release about the app update has not disclosed any deep information about the app, how it works, and how it will collect data from social networks to enhance their navigation system.

The new app version v1.10, which is said to be bigger app update will also allow you to share your current GPS location through email, tweet, SMS or Facebook as well. From the shown screenshots of the beta version of the newer apps shows, that the new social network integration allows them to provide best turn-by-turn navigation on iOS devices. The company is expected to roll out this major app update on the Q1, 2012. The new features of the app will be also rolled out for free for the existent users who are running TomTom apps on their devices.