Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

T-Mobile CMO Says “We Are Not Going To Get iPhone 5”

Its time to close down the T-Mobile iPhone 5 rumor, as the CMO of T-Mobile has said in the internal memo to employees that they are not getting the Apple’s iPhone 5 this year at least at the time of launch, he mentioned this lines in the company’s internal memo.


Cole Broadman, CMO of T-Mobile claims that the carrier will not “get the iPhone 5 this year”, this interesting note come to us through the T-Mobile internal leaked document including a transcript from a recent Town Hall at Field Service Center.

Obviously its also suggests that the carrier will also not going to get the low-cost Apple’s iPhone 4S, which is rumored to be launched in this fall. We have also heard few weeks back that T-Mobile is having a meeting in the upcoming days regarding their plans, many folks suggests that they have an early meeting before the launch of iPhone 5 to teach their employees about the load of customers.  It’s also does not mean that T-Mobile will not get iPhone, some sources also claimed that the T-Mobile will get iPhone but at least not at the launch time. May be Apple also confused from the ongoing merger of AT&T and T-Mobile.


(via Tmo News)