Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

T-Mobile iPhone 5 Release Imminent, “All Hands Day” Suggests

A new report comes to us in the evening from the internal memo leaks of T-Mobile suggests that they are gearing up their employers and managers to get ready for the flooded users amount and specifies a date “September 24”. The internal memo screenshot popped up from the TmoNews, and suggests that T-Mobile is readying up for something big on their stores floor, and most likely suggests a release of device, like an iPhone 5? Recently lot of sources rumored that T-Mobile is going to get iPhone, most likely the latest one just like Sprint. The internal memo doesn’t say anything about iPhone 5, but they only pointed out the heavy user visit to T-Mobile stores, and this thing allows us to think it as a launch day of iPhone 5 or may be a pre-order day.


The launch of Apple’s iPhone 5 would certainly pull in high volumes of foot traffic, of course, but it is not expected to be released until early to mid-October. Moreover, it’s safe to say T-Mobile is expecting more than one single day of high-volume retail traffic if and when it launches the iPhone 5.