Fri. May 27th, 2022

TinyUmbrella Updated With New (3rd-Gen) iPad & 1080p Apple TV Support

It is just a great day for the iOS device lovers, as the new iPad finally launches in the market around the world, at least across in ten initial countries by Apple in their retail stores. Just few hours after the official launch, it was reported by the iOS hackers that the new iPad is already jailbroken on the iOS 5.1 with their older jailbreak exploit used for the A5 devices. It seems that this year, jailbreaking community is also more active than the last year, as they have quickly started their works on upgrading their several tools with the compatibility of the new iPad, and testing out the new jailbreak exploits to make them work on the new 3rd-Generation iPad.


It is reported that the famous tool of iOS jailbreaking community is updated by its developer along with the exclusive compatibility of the new generation iPad 3 and the new Apple TV.  NotCom, the developers behind the famous TinyUmbrella tool have updated their tool to the version 5.10.08 with the latest support of saving SHSH blobs of the new iPad 3 and the new 1080 Apple TV.  If you are wondering how they can update their tool with the new iPad 3 compatibility, let us to remind you that the iOS community had already jailbreaks the new Retina Display carrying iPad with their exploits on the iOS 5.1 and right after the preliminary jailbreak, various developers can easily update their tools with the support for the newer devices.

TinyUmbrella is the most famous and required tool of the jailbreaking community, as it allows you to save the SHSH blobs of your device iOS firmware version locally on your device, and then later the saved SHSH blobs allow you to downgrade your device to any iOS firmware version. Generally, we recommend our users to use the TinyUmbrella  to save their SHSH blob of every other iOS device they have, as it provides the couple of options to the users, sometimes safe the devices from broken.

TinyUmbrella  is updated for both Windows and Mac OS X versions, so you can easily download the required version of the program by heading to the official blog of TinyUmbrella here.