Wed. May 25th, 2022

TinyUmbrella 5.10.11 To Save BBTickets For Future iPhone / iPad iOS Downgrade

The iOS downgrade from iOS 5 to older version becomes a dream for the iPhone and iPad users, and especially for the new-generation iPhone 4S and iPad 2 / 3 users. There is not a single method available in the community to downgrade iOS 5.1 / 5.0.1 / 5.0 on iPad 2 / iPhone 4S to any other firmware, as Apple busted the SHSH blobs’ monster trick in the iOS 5, and re-written the code to fix the patch that allows iOS jailbreak hackers to develop iOS downgrade tools. However, it was been a year ago that Apple fixed the bug, and since the bug expiration, the iOS hackers are working on some new exploits to make the iOS downgrade again possible for the A5 / A5X devices.


downgrade iOS 5 tinyumbrella

In the exploration of new exploits in iOS to discover more powerful SHSH blobs monster to become the iOS downgrade possible, it is reported that some prominent iOS jailbreak hackers have discovered some kind of alternative methods to downgrade iOS devices to older versions, but the methods are not much stable to be released in the public without performing vast testing of the exploit, as the iOS downgrade process can also brick your device, if you won’t perform the operation correctly. The popular jailbreak tool, TinyUmbrella is updated to new version 5.10.11, with a new feature of saving BBTickets for the iOS devices.

TinyUmbrella 5.10.11 is available to download, and it comes with the mass support for the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 CDMA users to save their iOS BBtickets, for later use in the process of the iOS downgrade. The BBTickets are not similar to SHSH blobs, instead they are the most important part of SHSH blobs, which allow you to downgrade the iOS devices anytime in a future with a complete new exploit, but it is highly recommended to save the BBTickets of your device, because some latest reports have suggested that hackers are now more actively working on the SHSH blobs monster to make it work again.