Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

Tiny Umbrella Updated for iOS4.3GM Support and New Features Added

Till now every one must be Familiar with the tool called Tiny Umbrella. For those who ain’t familiar with the name and the tool let us tell you that this is a tool which saves your SHSH Blobs for you iDevice. SHSH Blobs are the Signatures files which are used to restore your iDevice on a previous version in case if you have accidentally updated to the latest one and stuck on it.

Recently Tiny Umbrella got updated to 4.21.11 version and it got the support for saving the iOS4.3GM SHSH’s.

This update provides iOS 4.3 GM support as well as uses your system proxy settings when launching the TinyUmbrella loader. I’ve also made a few tweaks to streamline the currently saved shshs. I’m still working on the windows recovery kick out fix for 4.2.1 – I should have that finished this week (hopefully). Enjoy

Soon iOS4.2.1 SHSH’s will be finished saving because iOS4.3 is around the corner and only few days are left. The SHSH’s of iOS4.3 betas (if you can save them) or iOS4.3GM can help you in future Untethered Jailbreaks like Jailbreak Monte was used to Untethered on iOS4.2.1.


Save you SHSH Blobs now before it is too late. You can download Tiny Umbrella from here and save your SHSH Now.