Wed. Apr 14th, 2021

Tiny Umbrella Now Saving iOS4.3b2 SHSH

Hey folks Tiny Umbrella has been updated few days back and it is now saving SHSH for iOS4.3b2  for your iDevices.

Though I have been busy, I have not forgotten you. I’ve just added iOS 4.3b2 support. For those of you with Apple Developer accounts, this means you can save your SHSH’s for that version and restore to it permanently. Keep me posted of any issues. I’m still working on my next big contribution to the scene… 🙂

So people save them now because it is too late like iOS4.3b2 SHSH. If you didn’t get a chance to save your iOS4.2b3 SHSH so now you can save your iOS4.3b2 SHSH and be on a safe side. Like Dev-Team released their Backup plan to stay untethered on iOS4.2.1. Now many people are facing problems becasue they don’t have SHSH for the iOS4.2b3.

So what we can expect is that in future you may need iOS4.3b2 to stay untethered on the latest iOS which will be running at that time.

So you can download Tiny Umbrella and stay on a safe side for future.