Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

Tiny Umbrella Is Back With The Support Of iOS 5.1 Beta 1

A new day and a new news. Not new, but indeed a great news. Finally the support for iOS 5 SHSH Blobs coming close. Previously the tool was updated to save the Tentative SHSH of iOS 5.0.1 for iDevices including iPhone 4S. The iOS 5.0.1 SHSH are not yet completely compatible but you can save them for future, so in near future when ever the solution is there, you must got something to go back on.

With the release of iOS 5, Apple had closed all the doors for the SHSH Blobs. Even Cydia cannot save SHSH for iOS 5. After the release of  iOS 5.1 beta 1, we came across a news that Apple hasn’t encrypted the Firmware. Any one can have access to the root files of the firmware. So today NotCom released an update to its tool, Tiny Umbrella with the support of iOS 5.1 Beta 1.



5.1b1 support added. Still no status on 5.x firmware nonce bypassing restores…

This doesn’t means that you can go back to iOS 5.x firmwares because the work is still in progress for the restore on iOS 5.x. This also doesn’t means that you got the SHSH and update while saying that you can downgrade because you got SHSH for the particular iOS 5.x firmware. No matter what happens, don’t update.

Once again, Don’t update to any newer iOS 5.x version. There is no way for downgrading back to iOS 5.0. Remember, the Untethered Jailbreak will be released for iOS 5.0. So in order to obtain the Jailbreak for newer iDevices, Don’t update.

You can download Tiny Umbrella for MAC OS X and Windows from Here.