Sun. Apr 11th, 2021

Time Line Feature Added To iOS Facebook App

Four days back, Facebook started to roll out its news feature which was introduced few months back. The new feature is called Time Line. The Facebook’s timeline feature was revealed on 11th September 2011 on the Facebook’s first ever developers conference named “F8?. Facebook has been changing its theme rapidly but yet now this one shows the stuff more interestingly and is rather more attractive too. By the word “Timeline” it actually wraps all your past activities up from the day you joined Facebook and brings all in front. I remember the Facebook’s old theme in which all the applications and boxes used to come and take up the whole page, which is not now available.

So today Facebook updated their iOS App with the Time Line Feature. The new Time Line feature allows you see the whole new look of Facebook and brings you the same look as your PC’s Facebook.

The recent update not only includes Time Line update but also got some improvement made.

In every update they tend to say that they have improved performance and speed but still issues are persisting in the update. Some times the App crashes or sometimes the App is not working. The App of Facebook is also said to buggy. Now it seems that the issues are solved and every thing is good to go.

You can update the App from iTunes and App Store from your iPhone/iPod. This update is not for iPad because the iPad version is in progress and work is going on it. Facebook has promised to port the same feature on iPad also.