Sun. Apr 18th, 2021

Tim Cook: Apple Wants To Work With Facebook, Talks About Twitter Integration

While the annual Apple shareholders meeting today in Apple’s head office in Cupertino, the late CEO Tim Cook is talking with media persons on the comapny relations with other social network companies, and someone asked Tim Cook about such tight integration of Twitter into their systems. Apple has recently deeply integrated the Twitter on iOS firstly, and then later in the upcoming Mac OS X Mountain Lion Developer Preview. It appears that Twitter and Apple is at good deal with each other, and Twitter is enjoying the new partnership of their service integration in iOS.

A person asked Tim Cook about the relationship between Apple and Facebook, and seeks for his thoughts on the matter, why did they integrate Twitter into iOS instead of Facebook. Tim Cook simply states:

Cook: “Facebook: friend. We do a lot with them, our users use Facebook an enormous amount. … I’ve always thought that the two companies could do more together.” … “We’ve integrated Twitter … It’s been great for Twitter, but it’s been great for our users” …. iMessage “the volume is incredible.”
In the statement, Cook clearly states that Apple wants to work with Facebook, as the Facebook has the huge number of users on the internet and many millions of users daily use it while using the Apple hardware in their real time. From the statement, it seems that Twitter integration into iOS is nothing for Apple, but the iMessage like feature into iOS is the main target of Apple that might help Apple in achieving social market ranks. In the past, we have seen Apple and Facebook together working on the iOS development, but accidentally Apple removes the complete Facebook name from the final release of the iOS, and stated that it happened due to some of their terms with Facebook.

Apple drops Facebook from their iOS, and kills all the relations with Facebook on the refusal of Facebook integration into Apple’s owned music social networking service called “Ping”.