Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Tim Cook: Apple Has A Pipeline Full Of Stuff, New Products Lined Up!

In the earlier morning conference call with stockholders, Apple shared number of values to the public shareholders and made it public that what they are going to do with their $100 billion cash in the market. While Apple has announced that they are going to dividend and begins the repurchase of a stock market by the end of this year, and titled $10 billion for this purpose. The company’s late CEO asked by the stakeholders that how could they will earn that money back into their pocket, and what they have in their hands to seed into the public.

If you are following the Apple’s tech news on the daily basis, you must acknowledge that Apple is known for its tight lips regarding the upcoming devices, and plans, but they are expert in playing cats and mouse game with bloggers, developers and hackers. In short promote their devices through them, with simple evil mind marketing. However, Tim Cook – CEO of Apple said in the conference that they have numbered of new devices to launch in the market, and their pipeline to release new products in the market is full.

Tim Cook openly said in the conference “pipeline is full of stuff……” that means they have coupled of things scheduled to be coming in the future months and years. While there was a large number of question by the stockholders towards the Apple regarding the progress of the new iPad sales in the market, and how it is actually going? Apple has already recently stated the couple of statements in the public with the amazing growth in the iPad demand, and their device is soon going to break the older top device sales record within the company, while it was entered in the market just two days ago. It is already reported that the demand for the new iPad is off the charts, and Apple is surely struggling with manufacturing partners to compete with the massive demand of the device.