Mon. Mar 8th, 2021

Things: The Synchronization Via Cloud Is Finally Coming

Finally, it seems that users of the task manager Cultured Code will soon be able to synchronize their lists of commitments between the various versions of the software in an intuitive way. 
On the Mac App Store for $ 49.99 .

There is no doubt that Things is currently one of the best known and most popular software for managing your appointments and commitments. Thanks to a variety of features, the application of Cultured Code for Mac OS X and iPhone OS has received several awards and commendations, yet everyone knows that its users have always had a big miss. Despite the price much higher than most competing software, in fact, Things have never enjoyed an easy way to synchronize the commitments through the desktop and mobile, making it cumbersome to update their lists on the move. But things seem about to change, at least according to a story that appeared in iDownloadBlog, whereby developers Cultured Code will send soon a series of calls to its users, who can test a preliminary version of the new cloud service, thanks to Things which conveniently sync iPhone and iPod Touch with Mac or iPad. The beta will start on August 22 and will soon be made ??accessible to all users, while, although you do not know yet about a possible launch period, is given for granted that the new function will have no additional cost. It is undoubtedly good news, though one wonders why Cultured Code has waited so long to run for cover after the software asWunderlist and Pocket Informer have attracted some of its audience thanks to the possibility of synchronization between devices. In particular, Wunderlist, despite being a free and open source, cross platform offers a very complete, thanks to which synchronize their lists of Mac, PC, iPhone OS, Android, and web browsers. Finally, remember that Things is sold on the Mac App Store at a cost of $ 49.99 .