Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

Thief and iPhone Located in Bologna via Find My iPhone

This is another case of iPhone recovery. All credits goes to Apple for making a beautiful App and a simply amazing Device. The first we reported on our blog about this news was about some guy had his range Rover stolen and had his iPhone 4 inside Luckily. So he was able to locate the location of the iPhone via this App called Find My iPhone which for free at App store. At the end of the day he ended up with police capturing the thieves and recovering his iPhone 4.

Similarly another case happened in Bologna a Bolognese girl 21 Years of age was doing her training of Volleyball on the beach when a guy approached and  stole the purse of the girl which had her iPhone 4 in it and ran away. Before the Girl went in a great shock that what had just happened, she remembered about the App called Find my iPhone and quickly ran towards the computer and she located her iPhone 4 via the service and gave the address to the police where her iPhone 4 was.

Luckily the iPhone 4 was recovered and the Thief was caught by the Police. The thief was identified as a Moroccan,17 years old guy and was charged with a theft and was taken to youth center. Where he would be held until any decision is made by the police.

Well the Girl was very lucky to get her iPhone 4 back. Many of might have been the victim of mobile snatching in your local area and must not be aware of this great service which is offered by Apple.

You can Download the App from here for free.This is only compatible with iphone 4,iPod 4, iPad, and iPad 2.

Below is Complete video guide on How to enable This Great feature and Be Safe:



The thing which video missed was, you can even go to the web of ME and log in with the Apple id and password and locate your iPhone and do all the Features.

*It requires WI-FI,3G,or Edge in order to work. You can send the Message and put on the pass-code if their is no WI-FI for the iDevice in surrounding, it will be locked and a message will be played after the Device is connected to any WI-FI.