Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Why Your New iPad Heats Up? 10 Degrees (F) Hotter than iPad 2

Yesterday we reported you that a specific number of users with the new iPad facing an overheating issue on their new iPad device on the certain part and edges of the new device. We believe the normal heat up caused due to continuously usage of the device for couple of hours, but the users reported their devices become extremely hot and smelling like something is burning in their room. However, it is known to us that the new iPad carries 70% larger battery, Retina Display and the 4G LTE networking chip that may cause this heat issue on the new iPad, and obviously, Apple is known to this fact. Well, there are still no words from on this issue.

Users across the world with the new iPad start flooding up the new Apple’s support forum with the same issue, and waiting for the Apple’s recommendation and fix to their devices. In the meantime, someone with free times comes with a Thermal imaging of the new iPad along with iPad 2 comparisons under a thermal lens to know the heat difference between both devices.  The unique thermal imaging test reveals that the new third-generation iPad runs around 10° Fahrenheit warmer than the iPad 2, but it doesn’t mean to start worrying about the device.

Dutch website publishes the thermal imaging test result today in the morning, after the significant rise in the iPad 3 heat up rumors. The site has run the GLBenchmark test for five minutes on both the new iPad and the iPad 2 to clearly ensure that both devices work at their peak performance level and produce the real results, and then they used an infrared camera to capture the temperature differences between both devices.

According to the Tweakers thermal imaging results, the new iPad reached 92.5° Fahrenheit while in use, which the iPad 2 only reached 83° Fahrenheit. However, it is worth note that the device work well even with this additional heat on the board, and as well as still stay within the Apple’s specified operating temperatures for the devices, which are reportedly 32° to 95° Fahrenheit.

So don’t worry about your new device, it won’t be going to be burst in your hands or melt you with its heats! Basically, the new iPad heats more than iPad 2 because it carries the quad-core GPU chip that heats on the usage of 3D graphics, and games on the device. So if you play lots of games on your iPad with high resolution graphics, it will become warmer than normal usage.