Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

The Power Is Now In Your Hands PSP2 [Video]

Hey folks we posted about the features,Specifications and E.T.C of PSP2 before and below is the detailed review and a short summary video of PSP2 and its gaming and stuff. We also have included a gallery of PSP2. So do have a look at it.

The PSP2 Is Here: Dual Analog Sticks, Touch-Sensitive OLED, 3G Built In:
The PSP2 is finally here. Sony revealed its brand new PlayStation Portable at an event in Tokyo today, our first official look at the PlayStation maker’s next foray into handheld gaming, the NGP or “Next Generation Portable.”

The PSP2 Is Like A Friends List In Your Pocket:
The PSP2 – or, as it’s being called temporarily, the Next Generation Portable – will as expected play nice with cellular data networks via a 3G connection. Here’s what that means for your gaming.

Sony will be implementing a service alongside the new handheld called LiveArea, which in conjunction with an “app” called Near is able to detect at all times other PSP2 (or NGP) owners in your area. It’ll show what people around you are playing, chat with NGP owners in the area, display rankings for games based on who’s around, etc.

PSP2 Has A Little Logo:

It’s simple, it’s classy, it’s unassuming. All things sorely lacking from Sony’s machines and behaviour last decade, so it’s nice seeing them so prominent in the branding of this, a device for the decade to come.

Below you can see the video of PSP2 revealed during the press conference in Hong Kong.


hope you enjoyed the video and apart from the video lets have a look at the gallery of the PSP2.