Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

The Partially Leaked iPhone 4S Is Not By Apple (Report)

Moments ago reported about the leaked iPhone 4S parts which was said to be iPhone 5 leaked part. Now 9to5mac reports that the iPhone 4 repair experts at iFixyouri claimed that, the leaked images which show iPhone 4S in production is not by Apple. In a note they noticed that the leaked images have the White Grill on the iPhone front panel which is an Non-OEM version and it is not likely by Apple.

Apple removed the grill in the redesign of White iPhone 4, in order to help with the proximity sensor issues.

This is not the same as released by Apple. So the unit in production is not by Apple. The unit is being built by the parts which are said to be floating in Asia. Once again iOS 5 is round the corner and rumors have started to rise up like before. So it is better to wait for the right time and see what Apple comes up with.

Apple is expected to hold a Press Conference on October 5th. So lets see what they come up with.