Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

The New iPhone Will Self-Destruct In 5 Seconds [VIDEO]

iPhone is undoubtedly one of the premium smartphone out there, and every next person wants to enhance its life with at least an iPhone in its hand, as the iOS device is the most securest and perfect devices for many, and already gaining market all over the world. iPhone and iPad devices are famous for their sleek and beautiful designs along with all advanced features, and one of the most important features is the extra security and effective eco-system between different devices. Being a popular, and as well as premium device, iPhone and iPad is on top of the thieves list, as we have learnt robbery cases, just behind a single iPhone.

Apple is already equipped its iPhone devices with extra features, and security. Apple allows iPhone and iPod users to remotely remove their all data from the stolen devices, and the feature is almost free of cost, and comes with great GPS power on the remote systems. As in first attempt, it allows users to check out the location of device using the device GPS, and if a user is able to capture its device on Map, then it is a work of cops, however, in case of losing an iPhone and iPad with some potential secret data on the device, such as personal images, corporate account information’s and others, there is an option available to Apple iOS device users to remotely wipe their devices through an online system provided by Apple in shape of Find My iPhone, Find My iPad.

The feature is pretty cool, but what about the concept we got from the well-known studio, who is famous for seeding its conceptual ideas regarding the upcoming iPhone devices, and other iOS devices. The folks over at AatmaStudio, have taken this remote wipe feature to next level, and introduced an extended feature for the iOS devices, which allow users to remotely convert the stolen device into self-destruct mode, and allow the device to destruct its board to un-repairable level, to keep things more secure. But we are not sure, where the users will like this kind of feature or not? Or may people start using such a dangerous kind of feature for little pranks, or self-means.

What did you think of the conceptual video?