Fri. May 27th, 2022

The New iPad Sales “Thrilled” Apple Says Tim Cook

Apple has released the new iPad in the market on last Friday, and the device has yet to reach the hands of the users who pre-ordered the device, but the company is appearing to be enjoying the massive sales performance of the new-generation iPad. Few days ago, we have reported you that Tim Cook announced publicly that the pre-orders of the new-generation iPad is already going off the charts, and soon the device will hit a new record with its sales number for the Apple. It was also reported that Apple appeared to sell its 100th million iPad unit in this year, as the iPad sales are already crazy.

It is just 3 days ago that Apple had released the device, and now on the cash balancing conference call, Tim Cook announced that the new iPad sales performance thrilled the company’s portfolio within just few days. It is expected that Apple has already delivered more than million of the new iPad devices in just two days, as the stock availability of the new-generation iPad is already fading out from the Apple’s retail store inventories.

Tim Cook also announced that the new iPad had produced a “record weekend,” but he didn’t discuss any deeper detail about their new-generation iPad demand and sales performance numbers, but we can assume that the new iPad going  to hold the new sales record within just a first week of the device in the market. It is already stated by many analysts that the new-generation iPad is surely going to thrill the Apple’s sales record, and with the new-generation iPad update Apple will be capable of selling its 100 millionth iPad unit this year.

The new iPad stock shortage is already starting appearing on many different countries, where the new iPad is available to sell. Apple is working hard to meet up with massive demand of the new-generation iPad.  But what you think about Apple’s 100th million iPad unit? And Apple’s new iPad sales record?