Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Apple Reveals The New iPad Will Be Available at 8AM This Friday

People around the country are already in rush to get their hands on the next-generation iPad on the launch day, as many users have already started their camp out in front of the Apple’s Retail Stores to get their new shinny iPad on their hands before anyone, and the device is scheduled to launch on Friday. However, the local launch of the next-generation iPad is not boomed yet, but it appears that users have already slammed down the Apple’s expectation with their off the charts’ demand for the next-generation device. The device pre-order shipment dates are slipped to 2-3 weeks by now, and it appears that is just beginning.

However, there are no reports about the launch time of the device in the country on the Apple’s Retail Store, but today it seems that Apple actually hinted the world with their little leak of information to the users around their new Retail Store opening, which was scheduled to launch along with the next-generation iPad on March 16th. The people over the new Houston retail store told media that they had received words from the Apple to open the door on Friday at 8:00 AM, surprisingly two hours earlier than random opening of the stores, and users reported that Apple would also begin selling the new iPad in its stores at the same time, on Friday throughout the country at 8AM.

We have already announced to our readers in open worlds that the amount of the new iPads will be available in the limited number of units, and the device will be served first to the person who came first. So, if you have planned to get the new iPad, quickly check out your local Retail Store or start camping out in front of the store to get your hands on the device at least on the launch day, otherwise the availability of the new device will be slipped to 2-3 months, because of the massive demand of the new iPad throughout the country.