Fri. Apr 16th, 2021

The iPhone 5 Cloned Before Being Released (or Designed) [Video]

Chinese are beating Apple. WOW. first they introduced an iPad2. If you don’t know so you can see here as we have posted in our post.

Now iPhone 5 Clone has been made or designed by Chinese before the release of the real iPhone 5 which is not been designed or thought of yet. But the real iPhone by Apple is said to be released by July 2011.

Till then have a look at the iPhone 5 Clone Pictures and Video

Strongly reminiscent of the beautiful iPhone Unibody concept that I presented in May 2009, following a first iphone clone 5, clone that will not wait for the release of the original copy … these are just too strong Chinese!

Here is a video :

This looks cool. Stay tuned with us we will inform you about its availability and pricing as soon as we hear any thing about it. Well Steve you must work hard and change the design of the new iPhone 5 and make us proud. lol. Follow us on Twitter and keep visiting us on Facebook .