Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

The First Unboxing Video Of The New iPad (4G LTE)

While the whole nation is waiting for the next-generation iPad final launch later this week on Friday, it appears that some folks around the world just got their hands on the latest generation iPad and publishes the first hands-on video of the next-generation iPad. The people over the Tinhte.vn has just published the video of their third-generation iPad, while showing the complete 4G LTE toggles, and Retina Display of the device.

the new ipad unboxing
As reported by the MacRumors, the Vietnamese website has recently published the first hands-on video of third-generation iPad, last night on their website. The first hands-on video clearly shows the slightly difference in the third-generation iPad design from the iPad 2. The Retina-Display of the next-generation iPad can be easily spotted on the video… take a look at the video:

While the first hands-on video is not much clear about all the new features of the device, and doesn’t clearly show up the new quad-core GPU with dual-core A5X processor, however, they have shown the 4G LTE toggles in the Settings application in the new iPad.

On the other hand, the next-generation iPad pre-orders are scheduled to be start delivering on March 16th, and the regular device launch is expected to be beginning on Apple’s Retail Stores across the nation. Apple has recently hinted that they will begin the new iPad sales at 8AM.