Sat. Jul 24th, 2021

The First ‘Mango’ OS Ad Hits The Web Today Via Japanese Carrier KDDI

It has been less than an year after the first Windows Phone 7 was released and now Microsoft has integrated a new operating system named ‘Mango’ demonstrated by the ad that appeared on the web today. The new ad was put together by Japanese carrier KDDI and not Microsoft itself but that gives us an idea how Mango will be marketed to its customers.

‘Mango’,internally known as Windows Phone 7.5 is an upcoming large update for Windows Phone 7. First showcased in great detail earlier this year, the new version of Windows Phone 7 is scheduled to include many improvements users have long been looking forward to, including a mobile version of Internet Explorer 9 with HTML 5 support, cut/copy/paste functionality, a new card-based task switcher for multitasking and enhanced Twitter integration. ‘Mango’ has been RTM’d and is expected to be available to all users sometime in September this year on existing devices, along with a whole slew of new handsets.

Below is the Video Ad: