Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

What If Apple Reveal This Curved iPhone 5 This Year [IMAGES]

Well folks it’s time to digest another marvelous concept about the upcoming iPhone 5, the iPhone 5 with curved and really thin edges like Macbook Air. The curved design iPhone 5 concept looks amazing, but have nothing to do with the original design of the upcoming device, as it just a conceptual idea of an artist. The concept of the curved background iPhone is come from the same folks who introduced iPhone Air last year, right on the rise of iPhone 5 rumors, before the launch of iPhone 4S last year.

These artist concepts have nothing to the with the real idea of Apple regarding the upcoming iPhone and iPad, but they only give amazing glance to their thoughts about the upcoming devices. We have never seen such crazy artists about the technology devices, there are hundreds of different conceptual images are published on the internet showing the interesting look of upcoming iPhone and iPad. However, we have seen many ideas, but the new one is appeared to be more unrealistic, and we believe that Apple would never go for such iPhone design.

The new concept of the curved iPhone throws an interesting look of iPhone design, and the curved back panel of the imaginary iPhone appears to be a big instability of the iPhone design, in addition to the curved iPhone back panel. The iPhone also carries headphone hack on the side of the iPhone, which is appeared to be very unlikely and non practical.

As we have stated before, this is just a concept, and although beautifully designed, I still hope the next iPhone looks at anything like this. So what do you think about this curved iPhone idea?


[Ciccaresedesign via 9to5Mac]