Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

The Condition Of Jobs’ Was Known By The Executives At iPhone 4S Event

According to Palo Alto police department spokeswoman Sandra Brown, Apple’s Executives may have known about the Steve Jobs’ health on the day of iPhone 4S Launch Event. They also say that Apple had informed the department that Steve was close to death.

Bloomberg Reports:

Apple Inc. (AAPL) security officials met with police in Palo Alto,California, this week to notify them that Steve Jobs was close to death, a spokeswoman with the police department said.

After a meeting, police planned to put up Patrols out side the house of Steve Jobs’ after the new of his death broke out. This was done to control the crowd who opted to visit the house of Steve Jobs’ after this death.

According to Sandra Brown the spokes woman:

“The Apple representatives told the police department there was “a possibility that it could happen this week,” Brown said in a phone interview. “It’s common sense for us to work together. If you think about who he was and his contribution to the world, people might come out in masses.”

Apple should had informed the police about the sad incident which happened, but unfortunately the police department found out the official announcement which was given out by Apple on 5th of October.

9to5mac notes that Cook, Cue, Schiller and Forstall, though subdued, were not up to the mark on this iPhone 4S event. The all might have known that their Boss is not in good condition.

The funeral of Steve Jobs’ is set for today. The funeral is set for today and it is to be private and no public memorial is planned by the Jobs’ family.