Thu. Dec 9th, 2021

The Chronic Dev-Team to Announce Some Huge Changes

The Chronic-Dev team which is behind the Development of Greenpois0n. He shared some news on Twitter stating that they got some good news to share with the public. What can it be? This thing make us also curious. It can be a Jailbreak or something else.

Huge changes for Chronic-Dev Team soon. We’re all really excited!!

This seems that they are going to update the Greenpois0n once again and it will be Untethered, Because few days back P0sixninja Tweeted out some keys


It can be a merger with the Dev-Team or they must have achieved some thing which the Devs didn’t did yet. This announcement will be for sure some thing which will blast us. It can’t be a Jailbreak because they never Tweeted about the Jailbreak like that. So this can be for the Unlock. We can’t really say anything on it because we can be wrong.