Wed. Apr 14th, 2021

Tether Your iPhone Data Network With Tether HTML 5 Web App [No Jailbreak Required]

We have seen Apple many time combating with iOS developers over their violation of App Store rules, and most of the time Apple kicked out the developer from its developer forum along with its application due to extreme violation of the rules. Data network tethering in the iOS devices is appeared to be present but controlled by the carrier networks, as the Apple has contracted with them over the availability of the functionality to the device on their permission to specific users. We have seen many developers come with such applications that carry some of the features to the users to enable blocked features on their devices, and one of the blocked features on iOS device is the data network tethering.

iPhone Tethering

In the last few weeks, we have seen many applications climbing into the iOS App Store, and got approval from the Apple accidentally, but removed quickly on getting caught by the media. The most-recent application with aiming to provide tethering for free on the iOS devices, comes with the name of iTether, and got itself approved in the App Store accidentally but then being caught by media, the Apple Store folks quickly removed the application and banned its developer over pushing such as kind of application. However, it is now reported that the same team behind the iTether application has pushed out a new service to bring tethering on the iOS devices.

Tether, the company behind the application has just announced a new service to provide tethering on the iOS devices, and this time they have bypassed the iOS App Store limitations by introducing the service through HTML 5 web application for the iOS devices. They have recently released an online HTML 5 web application for the iOS devices that allow users to tether their data network with other devices as a Wi-Fi. Tether has announced their application with a little price tag of $30 for a year, but still seems to be less than the originally offered tethering option from the carrier’s that cost you around $30/ per month. You can order their tethering service for your device via their official website here.