Sat. May 28th, 2022

Temple Run 2 Available for Download with Improved Graphics & Better Features

Temple Run 2

The second version to the much popular game Temple Run will be hitting the iTunes servers soon. Like the predecessor, Temple Run 2 is the free game for iPod, iPhone, iPad gadgets and the Android tablets and Smartphones.

Temple Run 2

The real Temple Run was and is still a kind of phenomenon and there have been around 170 million downloads till now across Android and iOS. The sequel is one among the important game releases of the year 2013. Also, a new mine cart has been added in the game where the character reaches mouth of mine and then gets into the cart that you steer safely all through the forks through tilting right and left.

The first Temple Run actually hit more than hundred million downloads with over 75 million in 2012 alone. Also, it is expected that the sequel will prove as famous as the original version.Temple Run 2

The sequel

Though familiar concept has not been altered much, environments in the sequel are now hilly and curvy, offering everything more real and natural look/feel. You will thus enjoy new and enjoyable zip lines gliding down. There is further the section that has the character riding rails in mine cart, the Indiana Jones way.

What to enjoy

The sequel doesn’t mess with successful formula, with easy set of gestures on the touch screen that used to earlier control the runner. So, what all is new in Temple Run 2? To your surprise, the graphics have all been bumped up to great extent as far as the quality is concerned. There is scenery all around with rich details. Imangi Studios, the developer of the game used Unity development platform for the game and has brilliantly fleshed out the entire realm of the Temple Run 2.

Coins, characters, abilities and much more

The coins are utilized to unlock Barry, Karma, Scarlett and to upgrade the character’s abilities like increasing distance as well as duration of the power ups. Each ability has 5 phases of upgrading to the powerful effects and the upgrades are thus carried across whatever the character you run as.