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George Clooney Or Noah Wyle Will Play Steve Jobs Role (Sony Movie)

by Daudi - on Nov 19th 2011 - No Comments

After the death of the Legend, Steve Jobs, Sony Pictures announced that they will be doing a movie on the life of Steve Jobs according to his Biography published by Walter Isaacson’s. Before the movie goes into production by Sony Pictures, the decision that who will play the role of Steve Jobs in the film is still pending. If you have seen the movie called Pirates of The Silicon Valley, you must know the actor Noah Wyle who acted as Steve Jobs in the movie.

Now the confusion arises after the report given by the Sun stating that both the actors, George Clooney and Noah Wyle are looking forward to play the role of Steve Jobs in the upcoming Movie.

The actor, 50, is reportedly battling it out with his former ER co-star Noah Wyle, 40, for the role.The biopic, which is expected to start filming next year, will chart the life of the amazing entrepreneur, who died last month from pancreatic cancer at just 56. According to Now magazine, filming on the project is due to start next year.

The movie is planned for filming next year. The most experienced person between both of them is Noah Wyle, who had performed in 1999 movie, The pirates of Silicon Valley, and looks some what similar to Steve Jobs.

So lets see who debuts as Steve Jobs in the upcoming Bio Movie of Steve Jobs next year. Between whom would you prefer more?



Now You Can Play On PSN 3.66 Online Servers With CFW 3.55 Via Sony Hidden Server

by Admin - on Jul 10th 2011 - No Comments

Now you can connect to PSN 3.66 online servers on your firmware 3.55 by connecting to a Sony hidden server. This could be a temporary solution, but you can play your favourite games online while staying on CFW 3.55 like kmaew.Obviosly this isn’t a safe method, but provides what PlayStation users need.

Hackers have managed to find hidden features inside PS3 using a bunch of recently released hacking tools. PS3hax published how to do this:

HACKDEPS3 explains how to do it:

step 1: rebug 3.55.2 with the update pkg

step 2: qa token

step 3: change network setting under debug to rc

step 4: create new user use the quick sign up

well that’s how i done it about 12pm last night, have not tested a lot because my internet got cut off last night after (i use next doors wifi lol)

His second post:

Ok what i meant change np to rc the same place in debug setting you got to have the qa token flag to get on this network. oh yea you can also add funds fake card gives you 150 bucks for online content rebug might need to patch some stuff to make it all work can download nextflix and playstation home if had the right patches for this it might work all the way…

That’s were y’all come in get… This thing working fully.

i never said anything about dual setting and yes put rc in the np enviroment?

His third post:

NP Environment

Edit the environment variable to connect to the network of your choice.


np : retail network.

sp-int : developers network.

prod-qa : production quality assurance network.”

Note : There are other networks than debugs can access but only QA flagged consoles can connect to them (mgmt, rc, etc…).

 Folk’s FreakGeeks is not responsible for any of the action permitted by you and it;s highly recommended not to do. Thanks

Sony To Create A PS3 Sci-Fi Game Of Ra.One (An Upcoming Bollywood Film)

by Admin - on Jul 10th 2011 - No Comments

A press release on an indian television showed that SCEE Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has announced to team up with Shahrukh Khan to develop a game based on Ra.One (a highly awaited Bollywood film)

Shahrukh khan being the most successful actor of bollywood is one of the most recognizable actors in world. Thanks to his acting and Bollywood cinema.

About the game, it will be developed by a 1st party team in UK and is based on the super powers the main characters possess.

The official press release is shown below:

SCEE designs RA.ONE PlayStation game

MUMBAI: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has tied up with the Shah Rukh Khan film RA.ONE to create a PlayStation game on the film.

The video game version of the film named ‘RA.ONE – The Game’ has been developed exclusively on key PlayStation platforms of PS2 and PS3 (through PSN download) while the storyline has been developed by Shah Rukh Khan, who has seen to it that that there is an intrinsic connection between the game and the film.

The game, being developed under the active supervision of the game development team of SCEE based out of London, will almost act as a prequel to the film to introduce the key film characters and the various super-powers the film has.

The game will launch alongside the movie itself, so if you’re interested somehow, mark 26th October, 2011 on your calendar. It will be available on PlayStation 3 and as a download on PSN.

Here’s a video on the trailer of this movie which is about to be released on 26 october 2011..

PlayStation Suite Running On Sony S1 (Tablet)

by Absar Abdul Rahman - on Jul 7th 2011 - No Comments

Sony’s S1 has a release time in fall which will be running Android HoneyComb 3.1. The PlayStation Suite was spotted in the S1 which is able to run PlayStation’s game and other software’s. This suite will be pre installed in the tablet it self. There is nothing much which was spotted or any thing said on this topic. The S1 will be having a specs. such as

  1. 1 GHz Dual Core NVIDIA Tegra 2 Processor
  2. Multi Touch Screen
  3. 9.4 Inches Screen
  4. 4G LTE
So now let’s head up to the video which was spotted by NoteBook Italia

Sony To Launch PlayStation 4 Next Year 2012, Partners Claimed

by Hamza Tariq - on Jul 6th 2011 - No Comments

You may not going to believe on my this news report, because Sony has already announced many times they are not going to launch PlayStation 4 in near future, but still we are getting news from the sources that manufacturing partners of Sony will start begin developing the next generation video game console of Sony by the end of this year, and it also scheduled to launch in 2012. Previously it is reported that Sony will not launch PlayStation 4 until 2013 or 2014. This report comes from the rumor mill of Digitimes, which claims that next generation gaming console from Sony will feature integrated movement-based controls similar to the Microsoft Kinect controller.



According to the sources of Digitimes in the market, Foxconn and Pegatron both manufacture firms currently charged with the assembly of PlayStation 3, and will develop the new console in 2012, we can now expect the launch of PlayStation 4 in 2012, because currently it is reported that Nintendo’s Wii U and Microsoft’s next generation Xbox is also scheduled to launch in next year 2012.Sony’s current PlayStation 3 console has sold more than 51 million units globally since its launch in November 2006.

Sony Will Completely Restore PlayStation Network This Week

by Hamza Tariq - on Jul 6th 2011 - 1 Comment

So finally after two and a half month of PlayStation Network downtime due to the continuous hacking attacks from the famous hackers group LuLzSec, Sony now announcing that they will completely restore their network again for the world in this week, when they assure their government by again reactivating their service that its now safe to play and serve. According to the hacking scenario and reports, it is reported that Sony is currently working with FBI department to hunt down and identify the hackers of LuLzSec group. The group of hackers claimed that they hacked into the servers of Sony and hacked its PlayStation Network for users.

It is also reported that during hacking attacks on the data centers of Sony, groups of hacker obtained the account information of more than 100 million PlayStation Network, obtained information is like “Credit Card Numbers, Address, and other personal information). In the investigation report we found that group of hackers LuLzSec had rented the Amazon’s Cloud servers to attack the Sony’s PlayStation Network