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Fix Lumia 900 Connectivity Error With New Software Update

by Hamza Tariq - on Apr 14th 2012 - No Comments

Nokia had recently made a public statement on its flag-ship Lumia 900 device connectivity error issue, and announced that they would offer $100 to every user who have been facing the issue with 4G LTE network of AT&T, and as well as will quickly roll out a software update to fix the issue. It was reported that Nokia would release the update within a week or two to resolve the issue, as the Finland Company is about to lose the couple of dollars behind this connectivity error on its flag-ship device, which is stated by AT&T to be smashing the iPhone 4S sales record.

However, the Nokia has now announced a software update for Lumia 900 to fix the connectivity issue with cellular networks, and the software update is available to download, and even they have rolled-out the update three days before the expected date. The software update can be applied on your latest purchased Lumia 900 by using the Zune software on a PC or the Windows Phone Connector on Mac OS X. The programs can be downloaded from the Nokia’s official website for the Windows Phone devices.

The update is especially targeted to the users who had purchased the device on launch day, and start noticing a lose connectivity on the device right after their use of the couple of hours. The issue rises quickly, and Nokia also jumped in the issue by publicly admitting a flaw in the current used operating system in the Lumia 900.

Fix Lumia 900 Connectivity Error:

Download the latest software update, and Zune or  Windows iPhone Connector.
Update your device using the latest update files and tools from the Nokia.

Skype For Windows Phone Coming Soon Says Microsoft

by Hamza Tariq - on Jan 15th 2012 - No Comments

It appears that Microsoft with Skype’s developer team is very close to announce their first Skype application for the Windows Phone devices. In the CES 2012 hype, we come across to an interview with the Skype’s VP of products, Rick Osterloh, which revealed in the public that Microsoft has been working on a Windows Phone Skype app, and the product will be coming out soon. In first approach, Microsoft has refused to comment over the arrival of any app for the Windows Phone platform from Skype team, after the Redmond Company acquired the Skype earlier last year.
Many hidden sources claimed last year that Microsoft will not launch any Skype app for Windows Phone 7 platforms with deep integration of service to the roots of the platform at very first time, but they are expected to integrate the service in the roots of Windows Phone later. However, last year Director of Windows Phone team, Joe Belfiore commented in public that Windows Phone platform will receive its Skype in 2011, but as we all know company has failed to provide any feedback and clarification on the date pass out for the Skype app launch for Windows Phone platform.

Skype For Windows Phone 7

According to the inner sources from high profile publication, we learned that Microsoft to launch the Skype app for Windows Phone platform with the launch of new major Windows Phone platform preview “Apollo” on the upcoming events from the company. Microsoft is expected to hold down the launch of first Skype app for Windows Phone platform until the launch of Windows Phone “Apollo” update. It appears that Microsoft may preview another glimpse of Skype app for Windows Phone with Apollo on the upcoming event, or may finally launch the app for the rest of current Windows Phone users.

In the next month, another big tech related event is coming, which may bring a couple of good news for the folks who waits a whole year to listen about the crunchy news in tech niche. Mobile World Congress 2012, is coming in February, and Microsoft is expected to launch Skype app for Windows Phone platform in February with Skype team.

Nokia Lumia 900 First Look & Hands On (CES 2012)

by Hamza Tariq - on Jan 10th 2012 - No Comments

The publishers over the CES 2012 event finally got their hands on the latest device comes from the Nokia and Microsoft recently partnership, which aims to burst the fame of Windows Phone7 device in the international chart like iPhone and Android Phone. Nokia has shown up its latest Lumia 900 smartphone powered with Windows Phone 7, and new NFC technology to transfer data between two devices quickly than ever.
Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia has built up its Lumia 900 with deep Windows Phone 7 software feature’s integration, and carries all the latest technology to beat all going technologies in the tech community. The media personalities over the event got hands-on with the device that shows the really colorful screen, but unfortunately at the first time they won’t have access to pass the lock screen of the Windows Phone 7.

Lumia 900

According to the inner report, Nokia has presented its new Lumia 900 with the developer build of the Windows Phone for the Nokia hardware, which doesn’t allow techies to dig into its system. However, the device works pretty cool and faster than the current present device in the market means, quite faster than the iPhone. In another side report, Microsoft also admits that they have revamped the Windows Phone 7 OS completely in the past to come up with something new to market to beat the iPhone and Android, as they have admitted Apple had created a sea wave in the market with the launch of the iPhone.

Microsoft Admits They Revamped Windows Phone 7 Becuase Of iPhone

by Hamza Tariq - on Jan 10th 2012 - No Comments

Since the Microsoft has launched the Windows Phone 7 after the launch of Apple’s iPhone and iOS, the company has yet to make good in the market, as well as they have made the couple of big changes in the OS to attract the users, but failed to gain such market audience on their Windows Phone 7. After a lot of efforts, company today admitted that they have completely revamped their Windows Phone 7 OS because of the Apple’s iPhone fame, and tries to come up with something different in the market.

While interviewing with The New York Times, Microsoft’s Jim Belfiore admitted that Apple is one of the reasons, which forced Microsoft to come up with something authentic in the market. Jim Belfiore said in the interview that  Apple “created a sea change” with the launch of an iPhone in the smartphone world, and to compete with its old rival, Apple!

Windows Phone 7
According to the interview, Microsoft holds seven-hour long meeting with the Windows Phone OS team to find out the way to improve the Windows Phone 7 OS, the operating system with new features which we are seeing today.  The company has redesigned the Windows Phone, after the meeting with new features, but still failed to make most out of from the new features.

However, the company again failed to gain such market cap with the new designed Windows Phone 7 OS against Apple and Google, and finally joined with Nokia to introduce something new in the market to attract the users. Both Nokia and Microsoft have recently launched a new series of Windows Phone 7 powered phones in the market, and now looking forward to gain some market cap among the users. The main problem with Microsoft Windows Phone 7 is that they are trying to invent something new, while its rival Google and Apple are improving their old OS with the new researched features for their OS.

Nokia Lumia 900 aka AT&T Ace Specs Revealed

by Hamza Tariq - on Jan 3rd 2012 - No Comments

Just ahead of the CES 2012 sources are on full track to release different exclusive stuff in the market before the official launch of the devices.  It seems that some strong source of the PocketNow has revealed the little information about the Nokia’s upcoming Windows Phone device, the Lumia 900 aka the AT&T Nokia Ace.  Nokia has already made a good impression in the market again with the new Lumia (Windows Phone) series, as the Nokia devices crowned as the most awesome Windows Phone device.

Nokia Lumia 900
According to the report of the PocketNow source, the new Lumia 900 is said to be a roughly 4.3-inch WVGA device, which to carry 8 Megapixel camera and 1,830 mAh battery with nearly 12mm thick case. The site also comes up with an exclusive picture of the device with having an AT&T logo and labeled as the 4G device. It is also said to be one of the first 4G LTE Windows Phone device for AT&T.  Nokia Lumia 900 is rumored to be reached the shelf of market stores somewhere in the mid of 2012.

Another specs include 512MB of RAM and – despite a presumed carrier lock to AT&T – the inclusion of the 1700MHz band necessary for 3G on T-Mobile USA. The device is supposedly codenamed “Eloko” and will ship running Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, rather than Tango as some earlier rumors indicated.

Siri For Windows Phone Lands In Marketplace

by Hamza Tariq - on Jan 3rd 2012 - No Comments

Apple has already done up its work with introducing the mind blowing digital personal assistant in its new iPhone 4S named Siri. After the first release of technology and idea, now it’s a time of its rival to copy or create something similar to it but while staying in the limits of law and regulations. In the last few weeks, we have already seen a couple of clones and mockups of Siri actual service on different smartphone platforms, like Android and in the jailbreak community.

Last week, we reported about the clone app, which landed in the Android market and explain its self as the official Siri for Android, but in real does not work similar to the Siri, only uses the Google’s own speech-to-text service to look up text on Google. However, later after a big buzz in the tech world, Google removes it from the Android Market. Now it appears; this time developer has chosen Microsoft’s platform to launch their Siri clone for Windows Phone devices.

An app is released in the Microsoft Market Place named “Ask Ziggy” from developer Shai Leib, and do not featuring similar to the Siri but still the UI of the app is developed on the idea of Siri UI. As noted by the WP Central, the app works smoother than Microsoft own built-in Siri in the Windows Phone, which was claimed by Microsoft’s VP later during an interview.

Ask Ziggy app for Windows Phone devices also use the Nuance voice recognition system (same as Siri), but do not use the Apple’s Siri icons in the app. The application is already available in the Market Place for free, and the developer has already claimed to be pushing an updated version of the app.

However,  Ask Ziggy is not the only Siri alternative for Windows Phone that presents in Market Place. There is another app presents in Marketplace named “iSiri Faker” which represents itself as “Siri For Windows Phone”.