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Windows 8 Will Allow Users To Make and Receive Calls (PHOTOS)

by Hamza Tariq - on Sep 19th 2011 - No Comments

Microsoft had released the first developer preview of Windows 8 to the developers at their BUILD event last week, also they have giveaway Windows 8 Slate’s to the attendees of the event. Hot on the heal, it appears in the developer preview demo videos, and coding that Windows 8 will allow users to make calls right from their gadget. Seems interesting?

Windows 8 Features

The report comes to us from the well known developer of Windows and Windows Phone 7, named Long Zheng. He reported that he found couple of references in the UI of Windows 8 which suggests that the OS will allow users to make calls. In reference to his claim, he also posted a image of slideshow, which showed up in the Microsoft’s BUILD 2011 conference. It shows a yellow tile (encircled) which has the heading Missed calls. You can see it below:
Windows 8 Allow You To Call Your Friends

Download Windows 8 Developer Preview Build For PC & Tablet

by Hamza Tariq - on Sep 14th 2011 - No Comments

Earlier today, Officially Microsoft has spilled some beans of information about its upcoming Windows 8 and showed up the Windows 8 demos to the attendees of their BUILD conference event, also host a giveaway program for attendees where they have giveaway new Samsung powered Windows 8 developer preview tablets to attendees of BUILD conference. Windows 8 Developer View Build was showed up in the conference and they also disccuss about the sneak and peaks of Windows 8 dedicated tools for both PC’s and tablets.

In the past we have revealed couple of Windows 8 features, in the month of April, where someone from Microsoft leaks couple of internal builds of Windows 8 to public and uploaded them on public FTP. Windows 8 to feature: Metro style UI, Internet Explorer 10, Task Manager, Quick Boot, Face Password, a fancy PDF reader, new and improved Contacts, Calendar and email apps etc etc.

At the conference they also announced that they will be kick out Windows 8 Developer Preview soon on internet for those developers who does not attend the event, so if you are one of those who want to get hands on with Windows 8 developer preview build, wait for few hours until Microsoft uploading the build to their servers.

You probably want to try out the preview release—and you can. Starting later tonight you can download the Windows 8 Developer Preview. This includes a 64-bit (x64) build with development tools to build apps and a 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) build without development tools. The releases also include a suite of sample applications (please note these are merely illustrations of potential apps, not apps that we intend to ship with Windows 8). The ISOs are linked to from


  • Download Windows 8 Developer Preview Build [Link].

Update: It is available free for download and it won’t require any activation. It is to be noted, however, that it will not install on existing Windows 7. It requires a clean installation


The iOS hacker ih8snow made a tool which will let you know when ever the Windows 8 Developers build is out. Download that from here.

Windows 8 Will Also Get An App Store Like Apple (Confirmed)

by Daudi - on Aug 19th 2011 - No Comments

Long back we told you about that Microsoft is following the foot steps of Apple and is planning to install App Store in it’s upcoming Windows 8. Till then it was just a rumor.

Now it is confirmed by the Windows Live Division President Steven Sinofsky in a blog post that they will be adding App Store to Windows 8.

  • App Compatibility and Device Compatibility
  • App Store

The Blog Post tells about the teams which will work on the Windows 8. The team includes the App Store Team, App Compatibility team, Windows 8 Development Team and so on.

It is clear that Microsoft is following the Foot Steps of Apple. Apple introduced MAC OS App Store in its version of 10.6.6 and now Microsoft will add the Windows App Store in its new windows 8. How will Microsoft will come up with the App Store design and idea. Lets wait and see.


Windows 8 Might Feature To Play Xbox 360 Games On PC Natively

by Hamza Tariq - on Jul 13th 2011 - No Comments

Mostly new features of Windows 8 are still in dark and become the hottest topic these days among users, a new report surfaces today around the globe that upcoming next generation Windows 8 will also feature the support of playing Xbox 360 games on the PC and greatly enhance the gaming experience of PC owners. While on the start its not work well, because of devices using mouse and keyboard to play games, and this is also not confirmed yet that how it will work and could new Windows 8 fully supported PC will replace the Xbox 360. The source which has claimed the report information said that this feature will be enabled through on the base of subscription fee, just like user have on Xbox Live and it is reported that whenever the online gaming services come out, they will use the Windows Live Marketplace.


xbox -windows8




Well we are pretty sure, PC users will never compete with Xbox 360 gamers while playing their games on the powerful next generation PC’s due to un comfortable controller of games, instead of high gaming controllers they have to play games through mouse, by the way there is also a point, Why Microsoft going to implement the feature of Xbox 360 in Windows 8? When they have already announced that next Xbox will be named “Xbox 720” and according to our thoughts PC game sales will not give any additional hype in revenue to company.

Microsoft To Launch Several Xbox Live Services And Entertainment Add Ons Later This Year

by Admin - on Jul 12th 2011 - No Comments

Microsoft is reported working on a new subscription based video service for Xbox LIVE customers.

The Daily announced in an “exclusive” that Microsoft is continuously working on a video streaming subscription service.The service “Ventura”, will be zune-branded and monthly subscription-based.The service will be launched along with other entertainment add-ons later this year.

The vision for Xbox is straightforward, All of the entertainment you want. With the people you care about. Made easy.

Shaw highlighted the company’s ties with ESPN, Netflix and Hulu as evidence of Xbox’s entertainment strategy. Shaw also hinted that Microsoft will market Xbox as an entertainment brand. He said this in May

You’ll see Xbox marketed more as an entertainment brand this year.

Another service that comes under spotlight is Microsofts Xox Live Diamond service which includes subscription-based plans to access Live TV ,codenamed “Orapa”.along with these subscription-based services, Microsoft will launch a new dashboard interface for Xbox later this year that combines UIs of Windows phone 7 and Windows 8.

Windows 8 Pre-Build (CTP) Coming On World Wide Partner Conference – 11 July 2011

by Absar Abdul Rahman - on Jul 11th 2011 - No Comments

Well so the clocks stop and the Windows 8 is going to be kept on a table for developers to design applications. Well its a confirm news as a tweet of @MSFTtm agrees

The conference will start from a beloved keynote by Steve Ballmer.

So what are you guys upto, the WWPC has started and it’s July 11 so fasten your seat belt’s and stay tuned to us for more information.