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Microsoft Will Not Launch Xbox 720 This Year (2012)

by Hamza Tariq - on Feb 1st 2012 - No Comments

Earlier last year, Microsoft was highly rumored by the sources to introduce a successor to the Xbox 360, called Xbox 720 for the potential game lovers in 2012. However, now according to the new report inside from the Redmond-based company suggests that Microsoft is not going to launch the newer Xbox 720 this year, and for surely going to miss the first rumored introduction date of the device. Xbox 720 was initially rumored to be launch in the Q3 of 2012, but now according the report from the Microsoft’s marketing director in France; the new gaming console will not release this year.

xbox 720 launch
Cedrick Delma, marketing director of Microsoft in France, told Le Point earlier this year that Microsoft is not all good to release the new gaming console to its game freak community. According to the report, Microsoft may show the glimpse of Xbox 720 this year, but not the console. Xbox 720 is the successor version of Xbox 360 that will definitely come with new features to the gaming experience, and to compete with the high competition market of gaming consoles.

Last year, Microsoft was rumored to unveil its Xbox 720 during this year’s E3 gaming show in Los Angeles, but now according to the new report, Redmond-based company may miss the firstly, rumored date of unveiling the device. On other hands, few Microsoft patents recently reveal that Xbox 720 will be a set-top box complete with DVR functionalities. The newer Xbox 720 is said to be six times faster than the current generation device.


[Via The Verge]

More Report Suggests Microsoft Is Bring Xbox Live Games To iOS

by Hamza Tariq - on Jan 29th 2012 - No Comments

A day ago, we have reported you about the arrival of Valve Steam’s iOS app in the App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The app was just only to allow users to remain in touch with their Steam social friends, and allows them to send and check messages from the iPhone and iPod Touch, exactly similar to the Microsoft’s Xbox Live companion application for the iOS devices that company has launched in the end of last year. Now today we are hearing that Microsoft again in fire with its developers to bring the Xbox Live gaming experience on the iOS devices.

xbox live games on iphone

The latest tidbit regarding the Microsoft Xbox Live gaming port to iOS devices, comes from the job listing of Microsoft which suggests that Redmond team is looking for developers to port its games on the iOS devices, and help them in making their way on the Apple’s royal devices. However, the job listing was not the solid evidence for such big game porting on iOS devices. This week again we come across to another report by Frobes that suggests that Microsoft is now seriously thinking to port its Xbox Live gaming experience on the iOS devices to double the Apple’s share in the market with the superior level of its devices.

Forbes report suggest that Microsoft is looking for a wide range of big project regarding the Xbox Live gaming experience on other devices, and at the moment there are only two big platforms, Android and iOS, are present in the market which may help Microsoft in building up its Xbox Live experience on the other devices. So we’re thinking that Microsoft is on the way to bring its Xbox Live titles on the iOS and Android.

Intel Windows 8 Tablets To Start From $599, Not Going To Harm iPad

by Hamza Tariq - on Jan 17th 2012 - No Comments

We have already a big fish in the tablet market tank, with its most famous product called iPad. But still there is a large number of other vendors that are making quite few money from their branded tablets in the market with not user loving operating System. However, Android has also a big tablet market, but the other vendor in the market is now thinking to adopt the Microsoft’s tablet friendly Windows 8, to power their next-generation tablets to entertain users in 2012. We have seen a large number of tablets in CES 2012, waiting for Windows 8 tablet version actual launch from Microsoft to make debut in the market.

Intel windows 8 tablets

Digitimes today comes up with a source claimed note suggesting that Microsoft and Intel are together again to cut out the market of Apple with the launch of both vendors powered Intel Windows 8 tablet in the market; however, both giants are not agreeing with each other in the price ranges of the newer version tablets. It is reported that Intel is not agreeing to cut down the price of its platform in the market, and at the same verge, Microsoft is not agreeing to cut the price of its Windows 8 license for Windows 8 Intel powered tablets. In directly, it seems that those new Intel Windows 8 tablet not going to compete with the iPad in any market, because the starting range of that tablets will force the users to ditch them.

In the report, source claimed that Intel Windows 8 tablet will launch in the $599 to $899 USD price range, which seems to be a biggest favor for the ARM based Windows 8 tablets and notebooks in the market. Currently, in the market, a large number of smartphones are powered with ARM technology, where Intel has not much grip in the market on the smartphones processor. Apple had also introduced its own range of micro processors for its iOS devices, and according to the reportm they are soon going to launch micro processors to power their own iMacs, Macbook Pros.

Skype For Windows Phone Coming Soon Says Microsoft

by Hamza Tariq - on Jan 15th 2012 - No Comments

It appears that Microsoft with Skype’s developer team is very close to announce their first Skype application for the Windows Phone devices. In the CES 2012 hype, we come across to an interview with the Skype’s VP of products, Rick Osterloh, which revealed in the public that Microsoft has been working on a Windows Phone Skype app, and the product will be coming out soon. In first approach, Microsoft has refused to comment over the arrival of any app for the Windows Phone platform from Skype team, after the Redmond Company acquired the Skype earlier last year.
Many hidden sources claimed last year that Microsoft will not launch any Skype app for Windows Phone 7 platforms with deep integration of service to the roots of the platform at very first time, but they are expected to integrate the service in the roots of Windows Phone later. However, last year Director of Windows Phone team, Joe Belfiore commented in public that Windows Phone platform will receive its Skype in 2011, but as we all know company has failed to provide any feedback and clarification on the date pass out for the Skype app launch for Windows Phone platform.

Skype For Windows Phone 7

According to the inner sources from high profile publication, we learned that Microsoft to launch the Skype app for Windows Phone platform with the launch of new major Windows Phone platform preview “Apollo” on the upcoming events from the company. Microsoft is expected to hold down the launch of first Skype app for Windows Phone platform until the launch of Windows Phone “Apollo” update. It appears that Microsoft may preview another glimpse of Skype app for Windows Phone with Apollo on the upcoming event, or may finally launch the app for the rest of current Windows Phone users.

In the next month, another big tech related event is coming, which may bring a couple of good news for the folks who waits a whole year to listen about the crunchy news in tech niche. Mobile World Congress 2012, is coming in February, and Microsoft is expected to launch Skype app for Windows Phone platform in February with Skype team.

BlueStacks To Bring 400,000 Android Apps To Windows 8

by Hamza Tariq - on Jan 10th 2012 - No Comments

BlueStacks is a company of the small group which is famous for bring Android applications to the Windows platform in last year, and now have been reportedly planning to bring all the latest and a huge number of Android games to the Microsoft’s Windows 8. The company has announced that they are working to bring 400,000 Android apps to the Windows 8 this year anytime. The company has released its “App Player” last year in October for Windows 7 to bring Android apps and games to the Windows, and this year announces that the recent launched program is now getting the update to become compatible with Windows 8 structure.

Android Apps on Windows 8 will be run like a normal app running on the Windows 8, and the new app player will be similar to the older Windows 7 version that doesn’t require any porting of files from devices to Windows based PC machines. BlueStacks also claims in the CES note that their new app player will be work natively on ARM based devices or x86 Android apps on Windows based PC’s and tablets.


BlueStacks also announces that they are currently working with PC manufacturers to include their app player by default in the machine to bring the Android apps on the bigger scale on Windows based PC’s and tablets. BlueStacks told that they have already inked a deal with Taiwanese manufacturer InHon to include their App player in the Windows 8 based tablets. The publishers over the CES 2012 event have reported that they just got hands on the latest BlueStacks “App Player” for Windows 8 devices to test, and found out that the player is meanwhile in the alpha stages and requires a bit work before making around on public machines.

BlueStacks have also planned to launch the first beta copy of their program to the public in February, at the same time when Microsoft has planned to launch its Windows Store for Windows 8 and Windows 7 PC’s and tablets.

Texas Instrument Showed Up Unnamed Windows 8 ARM Tablet (CES 2012)

by Hamza Tariq - on Jan 10th 2012 - No Comments

In the CES 2012 its time to take a look at the Windows 8 ARM tablets, which is said to be the latest tidbit come from the Microsoft in the software world to beat the fame of iPad in the real market. The Texas Instrument has just shown up its Windows 8 ARM powered tablet this week at CES 2012. The tablet is said to be powered with OMAP4470 processor and runs on the tablet version of Windows 8. Texas Instrument has not given any name to the tablet yet, and reportedly to be come in front of all at the Texas Instrument booth at CES 2012.

Texas Instrument Windows 8 Tablet

In the past Texas Instrument has refused to show up its new upcoming tablet powered with Windows 8 carrying the dual core 1 GHz processor to beat the current tablets in the market. Windows 8 is said to be the tablet friendly operating system, and we have seen the large number of manufacturers are now betting their products on the Windows 8 tablet OS.

The Texas Instrument will be one of the first tablets powered with Windows 8 Tablets; we are also unsure about the experience of this Windows 8 powered tablet, as the firm has not given any access on the tablet and showed up the tablet behind the glass. The OMAP4470 dual-core 1.7 Ghz processor is one of the latest processors who is highlighted to power the Microsoft’s Windows 8 tablets in this year.

We have not heard any words from both firms about the availability and the label of the tablet, but we can expect the launch of the device in the mid of this year, as Microsoft is going to launch the Window 8 tablet version in April.