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Kinect Coming For Developers To Use In Windows 8

by Absar Abdul Rahman - on May 17th 2011 - No Comments

After a long break of revelation of Windows 8 we at last get some stuff to tear up and thats relating to Kincet. We told ya guys before that Kinect features will be added up to Windows 8, but on Monday (16 May 2011) it was officially announced that the Kinect for Windows SDK will be kicked out this week so that the developers can get some hand on it by using it on Windows 8. This time we also get to know the features of the Kinect which will be used in Windows 8

  • Robust Skeletal Tracking for high-performance capabilities that track the skeleton image of one or two persons moving within the Kinect field of view
  • Advanced Audio Capabilities, including four-element microphone array with sophisticated acoustic noise and echo cancellation for great audio; beam formation to identify the current sound source and integration with the Windows speech recognition API also included
  • XYZ depth camera for standard color camera stream access and depth data that indicates the distance of the object from the Kinect camera

Kinect has also broken the Guinness World Record  as it was the fastest selling gaming console, 133,333 units per day for a total of eight million units in its first 60 days between November 4, 2010 and January 3, 2011 O_o


via [Win Rumors]

Kinect Bringing Up More Games At The End Of This Year

by Absar Abdul Rahman - on May 17th 2011 - No Comments

At last people holding Kinect will be out of Kinectimals and Kinect Sports. Microsoft decides to kick Kinect games tripling the amount of games developing. Microsoft’s Jeff Meisner reported

Microsoft will continue to deliver revolutionary experiences for Kinect, Between now and the end of the year, the Kinect game portfolio is expected to triple its current number of games with new titles

They also reported that they will update every one about further releases at the E3 week starting from 6th June 2011, Microsoft’s product manager, David Dennis said

As we sat there and looked at it we realized we’ve got a lot of games coming and we’re going to show a lot of them at E3

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Kinect Features Added Up to the Upcoming Windows 8

by Absar Abdul Rahman - on Apr 22nd 2011 - No Comments

As everyone cannot have fun of Kinect, Microsoft thought of adding some features in the upcoming Windows 8. As the hackers are working hard on the upcoming Windows 8, the hackers at Windows 8 Italia revealed the Kinect sensor naming ” Detect Human Presence “.

Microsoft officially leaked the photos of ” Detect Human Presence ” which will able to log in the User Account by Facial Recognition

They also revealed the Control Panel for all the Windows 8 sensors

One question will arise and that’s gonna be… Do we need Kinect Sensor ??? and the Answer is undefined till now, no idea what’s the thinking of Microsoft about that ??

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Netflix Now Supports Gestures for Kinect

by Absar Abdul Rahman - on Apr 17th 2011 - No Comments

It’s a software which is going to add a major and cool feature to your KINECT. After the update of Netflix you will be able to control Netflix user interface gesture by waving hands & your voice.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The rest by Netflix

Today we released an update to the Netflix experience on Xbox 360. The next time you start up Netflix, you’ll be prompted to accept the update which introduces Kinect support for Netflix.

That means controller-free navigation of thousands of movies and TV show, allowing you to use just the sound of your voice or wave of your hand to control your favorite Netflix content.

You’ll be able to select movies and TV shows recommended for you by Netflix, as well as play, pause, fast forward and rewind using gesture or voice. Kinect support for Netflix on Xbox LIVE will also feature an exclusive new recommendation channel that is controller-free and uses a smart engine to suggest movies or TV shows based on your viewing habits and instant queue.

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Google Motion Turned Into Reality With Use of Kinect (Video)

by Hamza Tariq - on Apr 3rd 2011 - No Comments

It’s really amazing, April Fool day prank turned into reality with use of Microsoft Kinect. Just a day ago, when Google releases new Gmail Motion to make people fool, but it failed to make fool most people. But it got success in catching the attention of some geeks, which have super control on Kinect Motion Sensor/Camera device of Microsoft. The FAAST team which recently provides us a Kinect keyboard emulator for World of Warcraft has speedily come up with software which hacks Kinect to work for Google Motion.

Here are the all time favorite gestures of Google Motion which works with the help of Kinect: opening an email as if it were an envelope, replying by throwing a thumb back and, of course, “licking the stamp” to send your response on its way.


Microsoft VS Sony: Who Is Better in Handling The Hackers?

by Daudi - on Feb 22nd 2011 - No Comments

Imagine you’re a gaming console manufacturer, and some kid hacks your console to do “neat tricks.” Do you help him or sue him?

If you will be apart of Sony you will sue him and if you will be a part of Microsoft you will help him. Why Microsoft will help because Microsoft is set to release a Kinect software developer kit (SDK) to academics and enthusiasts later this spring; the company really is welcoming hackers and curious minds to go to town on its hands-free gestural control interface. Sony and the PlayStation 3, would be gathering some bad PR of its own for suing PS3 hackers at the same time.

Below are some Facts and Answers

Why Is Sony Suing?

Here’s the skinny: Sony is suing, among other entities, George Hotz, a.k.a. geohot, a 21-year-old hacker who is well known for his iPhone jailbreaking. In fact, Hotz created the first-ever public software exploit for jailbreaking the iPhone 3GS. After working on jailbreak software for the iPhone 4, iPad and a slew of other Apple devices, Hotz turned his attention to the PlayStation 3.

Hotz hacked on the PS3 for at least seven months, successfully opening up the console for homebrew games and PS2 emulation. Along the way, he released the root key (also known as the metldr key), which decrypted the PS3?s loaders, allowing anyone who wanted to open up their own PS3s to do so.

Because of that, Hotz is now knee-deep in a bitter lawsuit with Sony, a lawsuit that’s cost him more than he can afford to pay. In fact, he had to beg the Internet for the more than $10,000 he needed to cover his legal bills.

While Sony says Hotz violated copyrights and committed computer fraud, Hotz, who claims to have never played a pirated game in his life, retorts, “They don’t really care about piracy; they care about control.”

How Microsoft Is Helping Hackers?

In a stark contrast, Microsoft seems to not give two shakes about control, at least as far as hacking with the Kinect is concerned.

The company’s brand new gestural control system is as hot as it is financially successful. While many corporations would keep a money-maker like that tightly locked down, Microsoft is doing everything it can to invite more hackers to play with and create experiments with the Kinect.

Microsoft’s big test came last November when a prominent Google engineer staged a Kinect-hacking contest. Previously, Microsoft had made statements that it wanted to make Kinect tamper-proof and would work with law enforcement to ensure that it remained so. But the company changed its tune last November, saying it was “excited to see that people are so inspired” by the possibilities inherent in the Kinect.

Since then, hackers have used the Kinect for everything from World of Warcraft “magic” to music video production.

And today, given the success of Kinect hacking for Xbox, Microsoft announced it will release a non-commercial “Kinect for Windows” SDK. The company says the reason for “a starter kit for application developers is to make it easier for academic research and enthusiast communities to create even richer experiences using Kinect technology.”

The SDK is coming from Microsoft Research (MSR) in collaboration with the Interactive Entertainment Business (IEB), and it will give devs “deep Kinect system capabilities such as audio, system APIs, and direct control of the sensor.”

A commercial version of the SDK will be available soon.

Which Company Is Right?

The bigger picture Microsoft is trying to convey is that, as a company, Microsoft has long been excited about natural user interfaces; and it wants you, the hacker, to be excited about them, too. Granted, there are still likely some strings attached, and we doubt the company would be tickled to have you blog about Xbox jailbreak codes.

Nevertheless, suing users who hack your console versus helping users who hack (part of) your console are two interesting and opposed actions that are likely to be judged with great relish in the court of popular opinion.

How should Sony be handling geohot and other PS3 hackers who just want to make the console do neat tricks? Is this lawsuit really doing anything other than garnering the multinational corporation a boatload of bad PR?