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Mircosoft Surface Launched: Here Everything You Need To Know

Fix Lumia 900 Connectivity Error With New Software Update

by Hamza Tariq - on Apr 14th 2012 - No Comments

Nokia had recently made a public statement on its flag-ship Lumia 900 device connectivity error issue, and announced that they would offer $100 to every user who have been facing the issue with 4G LTE network of AT&T, and as well as will quickly roll out a software update to fix the issue. It was reported that Nokia would release the update within a week or two to resolve the issue, as the Finland Company is about to lose the couple of dollars behind this connectivity error on its flag-ship device, which is stated by AT&T to be smashing the iPhone 4S sales record.

However, the Nokia has now announced a software update for Lumia 900 to fix the connectivity issue with cellular networks, and the software update is available to download, and even they have rolled-out the update three days before the expected date. The software update can be applied on your latest purchased Lumia 900 by using the Zune software on a PC or the Windows Phone Connector on Mac OS X. The programs can be downloaded from the Nokia’s official website for the Windows Phone devices.

The update is especially targeted to the users who had purchased the device on launch day, and start noticing a lose connectivity on the device right after their use of the couple of hours. The issue rises quickly, and Nokia also jumped in the issue by publicly admitting a flaw in the current used operating system in the Lumia 900.

Fix Lumia 900 Connectivity Error:

Download the latest software update, and Zune or  Windows iPhone Connector.
Update your device using the latest update files and tools from the Nokia.

Microsoft: No New Xbox Update Scheduled For This Year

by Hamza Tariq - on Mar 18th 2012 - No Comments

Besides the hiccup growth of Windows Phone around the world, Microsoft is also doing very well with the sales of their gaming console while becoming the biggest rival to the Sony Entertainment with their Xbox gaming console series. From the last year, we have been hearing from many sources around the high profiles that Microsoft is about to work on the next-generation gaming console Xbox 720, and planned to launch the device in 2012 at E3 conference. However, it is now reported that Microsoft has changed its plan a bit, and trying to skip another year without launching any new hardware update.

Microsoft has announced that their current generation Xbox 360 is already doing very well in the market, without even a drop of sales quarter-wise, and therefore, they have planned to skip this year with still no new upgrade to their gaming console version.  The Redmond-Company recently has announced that they are not going to unveil any new gaming Xbox console at the E3 video game conference, which is scheduled to be happening in June, along with a simple statement, Microsoft hints at the customers not to expect any new Xbox hardware from the company any time soon in the near future

While the company titles the last year, as the best ever year for Xbox 360 – a year in which company’s gaming console beatsall the rival gamings console, including the DVD players and digital media receivers as well. On the inside level, we believe that Microsoft just brings heat to their gaming console with the massive sales of Xbox 360, and testing the new upgraded hardware update in their labs to make it more profit-able for the company, like the Xbox 360.

Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview Direct Link [Hands On Review]

by Hamza Tariq - on Feb 29th 2012 - No Comments

Just right after the Mobile World Congress 2012, the Microsoft is finally back on track with their most anticipated launch of the Consumer Preview of the Windows 8. The Consumer Preview launch is appeared to be the biggest release of the upcoming operating system, as it carries the number of new additional features to the operating system since the release of Developer Preview of the Windows 8. Microsoft has finally pasted the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 files on their server for the public download of the newer Consumer Preview of the Windows 8. Microsoft has announced that they have made around 100,000 changes into the Windows 8 since the release of first public beta release of Windows 8 under Developer Preview.

download windows 8 consumer preview

Microsoft has also announced the Windows Store for the Windows 8 along with couple of pre-configured applications on the Store. Moreover, the newer Consumer Preview of the Windows 8 carries some pre-installed applications for the touch UI devices. Microsoft has stated that if anyone wants to test the touch response of the operating system, they have to connect some touch LCD with the system configured with Window 8 Consumer Preview. Microsoft has previewed the Windows Store with highly designed with Metro-UI style, and promoting some popular applications for the Windows 8 on the Store like the USA Today and Cut The Rope on their Windows Store. In addition to some popular applications, Windows Store also features some third party applications such as Kindle, WordPress, and iCookbook.

In addition to standard Windows 8 Consumer Preview, Microsoft has also previewed the Windows 8 Enterprise features that brings the old feature of Windows To Go on Windows 8, and allow the user to boot into Windows 8 directly from the USB-stick. Microsoft has also hinted at the Bing Maps upcoming application for the Windows 8.

Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview is available on the web-store, and ready to download for the different devices, as well as they have stated minimum requirements for the system to run Consumer Preview of Windows 8 on it. Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview comes up with some sort of additional tools that guide you on upgrading your Developer Preview into Consumer Preview or come in a an ISO file. Download the Windows 8 Consumer Preview from here.

Password Saved, Indian Microsoft Store Hacked

by Absar Abdul Rahman - on Feb 13th 2012 - No Comments

After Sony, It’s Microsoft. Microsoft’s India store got hacked today by some Chinese team “Evil Shadow Team” but I can say either the hacker is brave or mad. I think he is brace he published the image in which the email address is provided and when you will search it on Facebook you will get him out.

WPSauce claimed that the hacker got the password saved in the plain text. After the hacking went live, Microsoft took over the server and now its offline. The file which uploaded on the server was ‘evil.html’ which shows “Unsafe system will be baptized”. The password got saved by the hackers and were shown by HackTeach afterwards.

There was no reason prescribed by the hacker.. The last major hack which we saw on air was of the Sony in which the PlayStation Network was hacked and there passwords at that time were saved too. The profile of the hacker is here and for the research thanks to Dheeraj.


Early Windows Store Games For Windows 8 Revealed

by Hamza Tariq - on Feb 8th 2012 - No Comments

After serving the first developer preview version of the Windows 8 last year in the public, and couple of early milestone leaks finally Microsoft is heading to preview the recently announced and much hyped Windows Store for the Windows 8 running machines and tablets, just like an Apple iTunes Store. The company is already on the way to deliver its first Windows 8 “Consumer Preview” in the public. Windows 8 Consumer Preview is said to be carrying the many features inside it, just like the first developer preview version and according to the latest tidbit. We come across to know that new Consumer Preview of Windows 8 will also carry few launch games in the Windows 8, to test the complete functionality of the Window Store.


A source near to The Verge folks revealed that Microsoft has been planning to release a number of games by default in the device, and the source has released a list of games that may come with Window 8 Consumer Previews soon. Windows 8 is said to be more focusing on the tablet, as the Microsoft is trying to enter in the tablet market with its own operating system for the tablets to compete with Apple’s iconic iPad series. Last month, in CES 2012 we have seen the number of prototype devices running on the new Windows 8 tablet version which is appeared to be releasing soon in upcoming two or more months to the third-party manufacture companies. However, here is the list of games that may are coming with Windows 8 Consumer Preview soon:


  • Hydro Thunder
  • Toy Soldiers
  • Reckless Racing
  • Angry Birds
  • Ilomilo
  • Rocket Riot
  • Tentacles
  • Crash Course
  • Ms Splosion Man
  • Wordament

According to the source, the Pinball and Solitaire will come pre-installed on the Windows 8 Consumer Preview build, but the other games will be available on Windows Store games section as an optional downloads for the Windows 8 machines. Microsoft’s Windows Store will also allow developers to submit their apps for free of cost, or become the official developers by charging between $1.49 to $999 per app or game, while the Redmond Company taking 30% of a proceeds at first, and will be reduced to 20% after an app reaches $25,000 in sales.

Microsoft is readying up to launch the Windows Store late in February, along with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Follow us on Google+, Twitter or Facebook to remain in touch. We will keep you updated!