Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Teardown Reveals: iPhone 4S Camera Module Manufactured By Sony

There was a lot of debate happen on the camera module supplier for the Apple’s new iPhone 4S, right before the launch of the device. Especially when the Sony CEO commented that they are prepping camera modules for the Apple’s iOS devices. Apple’s iPhone 4S rumored to carry the 8 MegaPixel camera module but the information about the supplier was not revealed by any source.

But now after the iPhone 4S launch and first teardown by the most popular guys over iFixit and chipworks claims that the iPhone 4S camera module was prepped by the Sony and now they become the official supplier of Apple. Back in June there was a lot confusion arose around the world when OmniVision and Sony CEO both claimed that they are producing camera modules for Apple’s next generation iPhone.
iPhone 4S Camera

After performing the first basic teardown of the iPhone 4S yesterday, iFixit and chipworks start advanced teardown of the device and start researching on the products which Apple has used in iPhone 4S, according to them Apple’s new iPhone 4S camera is built by Sony. As they have found it by looking into it with infared camera and take a picture of the camera die, which shows the Sony name on the sensor. Well its really doesn’t mean that OmniVision has lost their contract from Apple, instead of that it seems to be pretty confirming the space of Sony in the suppliers list.