Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Target iOS App Leaks iOS 5 Nuance Speech To Text Feature

While announcing the iOS 5 at the WWDC 2011 in June, Scott Forstall introduces couple of exclusive features of iOS 5 that we would see once the iOS 5 releases publicly. iOS 5 is said to be the first ever OS update which going to carry numerous features for iPhone and iPad’s.

iOS 5 is said to having a personal assistant app, which features speech-to-text functionality that means users not have to type their message on the iOS devices, instead they only have to press the new “microphone” button on the visual keyboard to give input.

We have seen the demonstration videos of couple new features, but Apple has not given any hint about the functionality of the speech to text, the feature is going to be powered by the Nuance in iOS, as all other features of iOS 5 is almost appears in the beta release of the OS update to developers, but Apple keeps the Nuance function secret. But now here we have a way to check into it and guess what? Its amazing!


TheNextWeb in its report points out the folks  on the interesting find by the reader of DaringFireball reader. One of the reader finds out that the latest update of “Target” iOS app by Nuance gets the relation linking to the hidden functionality of the feature. The app includes the functionality of the speech-to-text on the Shopping list UI, where users can search for their queries by simply speaking. A microphone logo appears in the keyboard of iOS, on which tapping the screen showing a signal of recording the command, and after finalizing the command the app shows the input result. And I have said before the results are awesome.


In short this target iOS app for iPad, provides us a way to at least check how the new feature will going to work, we are not sure whether this feature includes in the public release or not. But if they kicks, then it will sure work like this, as we have seen couple of leaks before from the internal iOS build.

via iDB