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Take Screen Shots In Android From Your PC Without Rooting It (How To Guide)

If you are an Android user, so you must be willing to find a way by which you can get your screenshot from your Android device without going into a big mess like Rooting it and Downloading the SDKS.  All these things avoid the warrant of your Android Phone if got one and in the end you come up with doing something wrong and your Device is screwed.

Below is a simple and sleek method by which you can get screen shots of your Android Device by your PC. All you have to do is get few things downloaded and then you are all set to go.

Steps to Follow:


you must have a Device with Android on it.

Then Download these 2 things:

MyPhoneExplorer for PC (Download Link)

MyPhone Explorer Client (Download Link)

Before proceeding further, install the Device drivers on your PC which are provided with the CD or else download them from the respected website, only if the Device is not auto detected.


If you have done the previous steps, so now on your Android Device navigate to  Settings –> Applications –> Development –> Check USB debugging to enable it.


Now open the MyPhone Explorer Client which you downloaded before on your Android Device.

When you opened MyPhone Explorer for Android, now open the one you downloaded for Windows.


When you have opened the MyPhone Explorer in your PC, now go to File –> Settings –> In Connection –> Change the following

  1. Select Phone With Android OS in Phone Type.
  2. Select USB cable in Connect Via…

After you have done this, now press F1 or (Goto File –> Connect) in order to connect with your Device. (Make sure your Device is connected with PC via a USB Cable.)


When you are connected via PC, now navigate to Extras –> Load Screenshot.

Thats it. Once you pressed the button and now you will get a screenshot from your Device.

You will see a new windows popup and a screenshot in it. Now press Save as and you are done. If you enable refresh automatically the screen will load a new picture as you change your screen.

Note: Do this method at your own risk. This method is not tested or done by us. So we won’t be responsible for any kind of damage or loss you make to your Device. We found this interesting, so we shared it.

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