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Angry Birds Space For Windows Phone Is Coming (Confirmed)

by Hamza Tariq - on Mar 24th 2012 - No Comments

As Rovio has recently released the new Angry Birds Space to almost all the popular and famous operating platforms including the PC and Mac version too for the game, there were some reports from the different folks that the new game will not be come for the Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform, as the developers face couple of issues in posting their new games and revised versions of the game into the Windows Market Place for Windows Phone users. Firstly, Bloomberg reported that the app is not coming for the Windows Phone 7 at any time in near future, and lays down the Windows Phone 7 users against other platform users.


However, right after the Bloomberg report, the CEO of Rovio, Mikael Hed quickly released a statement in the morning dismissing the earlier rumor of no Angry Birds Space for Windows Phone 7, and claims that they would soon come back with a completely prepared Angry Birds Space for Windows Phone 7, and release it shortly.

Download Angry Birds Space For Windows Phone

The Chief marketing officer of Rovio actually explained why the company had not released the game for Windows Phone 7 at the universal launch of the new game version on almost all the operating systems “We’re the No. 1 app in the Windows Phone app store, but it’s a big undertaking to support it, and you have to completely rewrite the application,” However, following the Rovio’s CEO claim, they are going to port the game for the Windows Phone users, and shortly there will be an Angry Birds Space for Windows Phone release in near future.


But still at the moment, it is not confirmed when the new Angry Birds Space for Windows Phone will land in the real market for the public downloads of the game on their devices, however, the company is really looking towards its user, and going to rewrite the game for the Windows Phone 7 platform launch.  On the inside stats, it is reported that all Angry Birds version combined soon to be hitting a billion download mark in the few upcoming months, and the game will also hit the 2 billion download mark before the end of this year.

Nokia Lumia 900 First Look & Hands On (CES 2012)

by Hamza Tariq - on Jan 10th 2012 - No Comments

The publishers over the CES 2012 event finally got their hands on the latest device comes from the Nokia and Microsoft recently partnership, which aims to burst the fame of Windows Phone7 device in the international chart like iPhone and Android Phone. Nokia has shown up its latest Lumia 900 smartphone powered with Windows Phone 7, and new NFC technology to transfer data between two devices quickly than ever.
Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia has built up its Lumia 900 with deep Windows Phone 7 software feature’s integration, and carries all the latest technology to beat all going technologies in the tech community. The media personalities over the event got hands-on with the device that shows the really colorful screen, but unfortunately at the first time they won’t have access to pass the lock screen of the Windows Phone 7.

Lumia 900

According to the inner report, Nokia has presented its new Lumia 900 with the developer build of the Windows Phone for the Nokia hardware, which doesn’t allow techies to dig into its system. However, the device works pretty cool and faster than the current present device in the market means, quite faster than the iPhone. In another side report, Microsoft also admits that they have revamped the Windows Phone 7 OS completely in the past to come up with something new to market to beat the iPhone and Android, as they have admitted Apple had created a sea wave in the market with the launch of the iPhone.

Microsoft Admits They Revamped Windows Phone 7 Becuase Of iPhone

by Hamza Tariq - on Jan 10th 2012 - No Comments

Since the Microsoft has launched the Windows Phone 7 after the launch of Apple’s iPhone and iOS, the company has yet to make good in the market, as well as they have made the couple of big changes in the OS to attract the users, but failed to gain such market audience on their Windows Phone 7. After a lot of efforts, company today admitted that they have completely revamped their Windows Phone 7 OS because of the Apple’s iPhone fame, and tries to come up with something different in the market.

While interviewing with The New York Times, Microsoft’s Jim Belfiore admitted that Apple is one of the reasons, which forced Microsoft to come up with something authentic in the market. Jim Belfiore said in the interview that  Apple “created a sea change” with the launch of an iPhone in the smartphone world, and to compete with its old rival, Apple!

Windows Phone 7
According to the interview, Microsoft holds seven-hour long meeting with the Windows Phone OS team to find out the way to improve the Windows Phone 7 OS, the operating system with new features which we are seeing today.  The company has redesigned the Windows Phone, after the meeting with new features, but still failed to make most out of from the new features.

However, the company again failed to gain such market cap with the new designed Windows Phone 7 OS against Apple and Google, and finally joined with Nokia to introduce something new in the market to attract the users. Both Nokia and Microsoft have recently launched a new series of Windows Phone 7 powered phones in the market, and now looking forward to gain some market cap among the users. The main problem with Microsoft Windows Phone 7 is that they are trying to invent something new, while its rival Google and Apple are improving their old OS with the new researched features for their OS.

Fujitsu To Launch First Windows Mango Phone Handset Later This August?

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Microsoft’s latest Windows phone OS (nicknamed “Mango”) might be released  prior to the awaited fall release. Fujitsu will offer the very first Mango device,  a waterproof phone called the IS12T, on KDDI “as early as late next month.”    The phone is to be sold for 30,000 – 40,000 yen ($378 – 505), a reasonable  amount of coin for what will likely be a higher-end device. And — if it’s the  same handset showcased at this week’s Worldwide Partner Conference — a  pink version will be on sale.

Now users are yet to decide which one to favor, a pink-colored Windows    Phone or a galaxy S II running a doppelganger

Finally Angry Birds Released For Windows Phone 7 and Xbox Live

by Hamza Tariq - on Jun 30th 2011 - No Comments

This week going to be a great week for Windows Phone 7 and Xbox live users, because Rovio’s Angry Birds game finally lands on their platform. The game is released in Windows MarketPlace for download. Originally Microsoft advertise this arrival of game to the Windows Phone 7 back in October 2010 without getting proper permission from the Rovio.  But now, all the problems sort out and finally the game lands on the Windows Marketplace to download at the price of $2.99.

It is reported that first release of game will support 165 levels, for Windows Phone 7. So if you want to get your hand on the smashing game and want to play it, heads to the Marketplace and purchase the game for your self.

Microsoft’s Mango Going To Follow New Updates, “Tango” Or “Apollo”

by Absar Abdul Rahman - on Jun 29th 2011 - No Comments

Some Chinese geeks are getting into the shore of leaking, We Guess !!! Today, a Chinese site claimed/revealed that the upcoming Windows Phone Mango’s updates are getting ready, code named “Tango” and Windows Phone 8 is code named “Apollo”. ChinaTimes believe that Tango will follow Mango for sure and on the other hand DigiTimes claim that ODM signed a deal with Microsoft to license “Tango”.

via [Win Rumors]