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15-Inch MacBook Air Coming This April To Kill MacBook Pro

by Hamza Tariq - on Mar 15th 2012 - No Comments

Along the iOS devices, the new MacBook Air is also the another leading product of Apple, which becomes immensely popular among the users with the overhauled portable design from the Apple, and the launch of mini MacBook Air an 11-inch model, however, the Apple has also dropped its price to make it more affordable for the average customer, and drops the entire collection of the plastic body MacBook.

15-inch MacBook Air
But now it is reported by the sources in the market that Apple is also looking forward to kill or give a hit to its another MacBook product with the launch of the new model in the MacBook Air series. It is reported that Apple is planning to launch a 15-inch model of MacBook Air, which is assumed to be surely killing off the MacBook Pro series. The new report regarding the launch of new MacBook Air 15-inch comes from the folks over Electricpig, who attended this year’s CU Exposed conference in London yesterday, a complete dedicated conference to accessories especially designed for the Mac.

In the conference, the blog member meets one vendor that claims that Apple is preparing a 15-inch MacBook Air model to launch this year in the April along with other cosmetic things for the new product. The device, like Apple’s current MacBook Airs, will feature ports on both sides, no optical drive, and no ethernet cable, according to the source. They are so confident about this that they have their manufacturers “on standby” to make and ship a new product for the 15-inch notebook within 90 days of its release.

However, the Apple is also rumored on the other side by the rumor mill that the company is preparing a new MacBook Pro model with heavily trimmed down design, which might look like an Air-like MacBook Pro. Well, there are no words on anything by now, but soon in the little future, we surely come to know more aspects of this news.

New MacBook Pros To Carry Intel’s Ivy Bridge Integrated GPU Chips Over NVIDIA

by Hamza Tariq - on Mar 14th 2012 - No Comments

Apple is rumored many times in the past few months for being involved in the production of new MacBook Pros for this year, with a completely revamped physical design along with some hardware upgrades to its predecessor models. The new MacBook Pros is appeared to be getting a redesign from Apple, which is going to be similar to the Apple’s MacBook Air series, in short the next-generation MacBook Pros will look like MacBook Air. It is now reported that Apple has already delayed the launch of new MacBook Pros multiple times due to the outages of the required hardware from the component providers, but this time it is reported that Apple is about to give a kick to its one of the sole component provider.

Apple is reportedly on the move with NVIDIA and Intel, and appeared to be kicking out NVIDIA from its supply chain by ditching its stand-alone GPU components from the MacBook Pros, and going to adopt the Intel’s Ivy Bridge Processors with the integrated GPU processor from the Intel, yes we know it is pretty hard to believe, but for the moment, that is what we got from the sources over the supply chain. According to SemiAccurate, Apple has recently ditched NVIDIA’s next-generation Kepler graphics chip by huge numbers from its upcoming MacBook series, due to NVIDIA’s outage on the GPU chips for the MacBook Pros on the time.

Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors are rumored to be making their way into the MacBook Pros with integrated graphic chips that would power the MacBook Pros to the next level with the higher number of shader counts on the display. It is also reported that the mid and low-range upcoming MacBook Pro models will not have a Kepler GPU from NVIDIA, instead will be powered by Intel’s integrated GPU processors.

Apple Looking To Launch New 14-inch MacBook Air Soon

by Hamza Tariq - on Feb 29th 2012 - No Comments

Let us bring some new thing on the track, as the Apple has slashed down many rumors with the official announcement of iPad 3 launch event. A new report is coming out from the Asian market watcher claiming that Apple is considering to extend its Macbook Air series with the new introduction of 14-inch Macbook Air model. The report is suggesting that Apple is thinking to launch a new model in MacBook Air series to mainly focus on the Asian market where the specific size is popular among the users. In short, Apple is planning to cash the users from the Asian markets, and is about to cover the MacBook Air with new size model.


Originally, Apple has at the moment two different size models in Macbook Air series, firstly the announced the 13-inch Macbook Air, and then later they released an 11-inch size new MacBook Air model in late 2010 production cycle of Macbook Air. In addition to these rumors, Apple has also rumored to be flavoring their premium MacBook Pro series into some Macbook Air like models, however the tech world is not clear about the upcoming plans of the Cupertino Company, and the current rumors are just labeled as initial rumors. We are not sure, where the Apple is about to merge the MacBook Air series into MacBook Pro series, or going to maintain both categories separately.

However, the DigiTimes who claimed about the upcoming new Macbook Air model has not clear track in the past with a few recent rumors regarding upcoming device, but the site has also a good track in the past while offering some accurate figures about some Apple upcoming devices.

Apple To Ship MacBook Pros Like MacBook Air This Spring

by Hamza Tariq - on Feb 11th 2012 - No Comments

Since the Apple has pushed a redesigned version of the New MacBook Air back in late 2010, the rumor generating sources start reporting that Apple will also modes its MacBook Pro line into the slim and quicker flavor like MacBook Air have. Apple is rumored couple of times to bring MacBook Air like design on the MacBook line of laptops, and to ditch its all bullies chassis, optical drives, and slower hard drives for the Macbook Air like slimness and faster SSDs. However, the question is, when are they going to do all these things with MacBook Pro line?

It appears that after a year or two of new redesigned MacBook Airs, Apple is now finally able to bring some technology in its hands, which may allow them to bring MacBook Air flavor on the MacBook Pro line without effecting its performance and overall durability. It seems that it might finally be happening in 2012 this year, as the new report suggests that Apple is planning to redesign the MacBook Pro complete line from scrap to top in a MacBook Air like design. In addition to the overall design of the upcoming rumored MacBook Pros, it is reported that Apple will use ultra-thin unibody for the newer MacBook Pros, and may exclude all those old traditional components of the MacBook Pro to make it lighter and slimmer.
AppleInsider on this report says that new MacBook Pros in 2012 going to feature the next-generation chip from Intel, the Ivy Bridge processors and will ditch the optical disk drives, and traditional hard drives to bring a room for other devices to get in like slimmer batteries, and solid-state memory chips, and much more. According to the report, the newer MacBook Pros, if they have ever gone to bring MacBook Air style will rely more on instant-capabilities, and digital distribution of software and media.

We already know well that Apple is working hard to exclude the optical drives from the machines, and therefore, they have totally skipped the disc launch of their next-generation operating system launch in the mid of last year, and gone to launch it on their Mac App Store to prevent the piracy and provide extra security. At the moment, there is no solid evidence that suggests this happening in real, so take it is just as a daily life rumor.

Chinese MacBook Air Knockoff Version Is Real Pain For Apple Users

by Hamza Tariq - on Dec 7th 2011 - No Comments

Maybe you guys have missed out the post publishing on the blog featuring the thinnest upcoming MacBook Air Knockoff version from the China, if you missed out no problem because finally, we are there with the upcoming knockoff project of some China’s mad geek. China grey-markets are known for creating knockoff version of the original devices, and  especially known for introducing the Apple’s non released devices such as the model of iPhone 5, which we have seen earlier this year.

However, here comes the Chinese knockoff Apple’s MacBook Air known as AirBook in the market, and easily available in the market with the price tag of $499. The AirBook can easily make you fool with its painfully original MacBook Air similar design, but running the Windows. You can’t say that its fake by looking it in first view, it features almost everything that Apple has given to the MacBook Air.

As reviewed by the famous MIC Gadget blog, the AirBook is made up of the silver plastic unibody instead of MacBook Air’s popular aluminium, seems that Chinese folk didn’t get any aluminium stock in the market, as the Apple is already accused of making bulk orders for the aluminum for their products. MIC Gadget notes the faux aluminium finish is even used on the plastic interior. It comes with a 13-inch LED backlit, glossy display (1366 x 768) and measure 13.1 inches by 8.83 inches. As for thickness, the AirBook goes from 0.2 inches at its thinnest to 0.75 inches on the other end. Compare that to the 13-inch MacBook Air’s 0.11-0.68 inch height.

If you read out its specification, you may notice that it can’t even compare with MacBook Air, but in reality, and look-wise anyone can easily consider it as Apple’s powerful MacBook Air. If you are further interested to know about the China’s knockoff version of the MacBook Air, can heads up to the MIC Gadget and look for their lengthy review.

Australia And New Zealand’s Apple Online Store Goes Live With Black Friday Updates

by Absar Abdul Rahman - on Nov 25th 2011 - No Comments

Yes as reported hours before that the Apple folks are working on the Australia and New Zealand’s Apple Online Store adding the black Friday sale pricing, the only one day when there a sale in Apple stores around world.

This Black Friday sale almost reduces the prices of products and the greatest fall heads to MAC devices that are iMac, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. The price also reduced for iPad and iPod touch the rest are for the accessories and software’s. Below are the links to both Australian Apple Online store and New Zealand’s online Apple Store