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Attacher Lets You Receive Any Kind Of File On iPhone Over iMessage

by Hamza Tariq - on Mar 25th 2012 - No Comments

We have already discussed an upcoming Cydia tweak combination that allows you to send or receive any kind of file through the iMessages, using an iOS device. Apple recently announced the iMessages aka Messages for the Mac OS versions, and allow users to send iMessages from their Mac OS machines; however, but they have not allowed iOS users to receive and send any kind of file type using the iMessages. But, it appears that someone in iOS jailbreaking community, actually working on the concept to bring the feature of sending any file type from iOS devices to Mac OS machines, or even from iOS to iOS.

However, the original discussed tweak has yet to launch in the Cydia Store, but someone with the same idea just took the advantage of their delay in launch, and launched his own new Cydia tweak called “Attacher” that allows users on iOS devices to receive any kind of file through the iMessages.  With this new tweak, now you could be able to receive a wide range of file types on your iPhone / iPad using the iMessage service.

But still the new “Attacher” cydia tweak doesn’t allow you to send any kind of file through the iMessage on your iPhone / iPad, instead only allows you to receive any file type on your iOS devices.  With the new tweak, once you receive a new file in the iMessage app, there will be a blue pointer appears on the file message, and tapping on the icon brings an option window to your screen through which you can open the file in iFile or any supported application on the iPhone / iPad.

Attacher for iMessage is available to download in the Cydia’s ModMyi Repository for free of cost, and seems to be the great solution for opening wide range of unsupported files on your iPhone / iPad.

Send & Receive Any File Through iMessage On iPhone With “SendAny and ReceiveAny”

by Hamza Tariq - on Mar 12th 2012 - No Comments

Remember our OS X Mountain Lion first preview coverage, on which we have reported on the addition of iMessages in the OS X Mountain Lion, and discussed its upcoming feature of sending and receiving the number of file types through the iMessage from one machine to another machine? However, the feature is officially scheduled to be coming inside the Mac OS X Mountain Lion, but with the kind of limitations on the services, especially limited number of file types that could be sent through the iMessages application to another machine with installed iMessage application.

Well, what do you think if you get the same feature on your iOS 5+ device with the most stabled iMessage service on your device? Imagine, if there is a tweak or trick that allows you to send files from one device to another device using the iMessage, especially certain kind of file types, including the most unsupported file types like random / custom .deb packages. There is a new pack of Cydia tweaks in the development with the name of “SendAny” and “Receive Any” with the aim to bring the functionality of sending an infinite number of file types from iMessages to any other device, especially using the iOS devices.

The combination of tweaks allows you to send your iPhone / iPad to send any file from the one device to another device, as sending a file from iPhone to a MacBook running OS X Mountain Lion. SendAny, a tweak – represents itself from its name, as it allows you to send any file to other devices through iMessage, and the “RecieveAny” allows you to receive any kind of file format from the iMessage on your device. A user with installed SendAny on its device can send any kind of file to other users which installed ReieveAny on its devices.

It is reported that the tweak is not yet released in the Cydia, as it is still under development by its developers, but soon is said to be appear in the Cydia Store with great grip on its sales. According to the developer, the SendAny will be come with a little price tag of $1, while the ReceiveAny will be available for free in the Cydia Store.


via iDB

Apple Pays An iPod Touch To Victim For iMessage Bug

by Hamza Tariq - on Feb 7th 2012 - No Comments

In the last month of 2011, we have reported about the weird bug discovery in the protocols of iMessage that allows service to be sent private messages to a stolen iPhone, and the messages can be easily sent and received from the stolen device, even after the complete remote swipe and a complete SIM / carrier deactivation on the device. The issue was highlighted by the media, as the most serious bug in the service or a hidden draw back of the service servers which only learns to send messages on the devices on the base of their UDID’s not on their Apple’s ID or Carrier identification.

Apple had been asked by the media personalities to talk about this issue in public, and after this discovery some at Apple’s Store Genius bar got the same problem where the Genius over bar tries to solve his issue by putting his personal  SIM card on the user device. However, the original problem was sorted out, but after few hours both persons find out their self in a big problem where the Genius bar dude iMessages start going to the customers iPhone. The issue was also highlighted and this time finally we could be able to hear from the Apple’s person, which told media that it happened due to breaching the iMessage’s security protocol.

After all this cases, we come across to know that Apple silently contacted with the lady who lost his iPhone last year and her private iMessages start going on the stolen iPhone. Apple has told the media to clear out this problem, users have to manually toggle off the iMessages on their devices and once again turn on them. However, it is obviously not possible on the stolen iPhone and therefore Apple contacted the lady and talked to her, where she asked to compensate his privacy breach by a small iMessage bug.

According to the report, Apple has compensated the lady with a free iPod Touch where she could be now able to receive and send her private iMessages through the service. In all this issue, we learned one thing that the service is still based on the device UDID’s not the actual user Apple ID. So be careful before forgetting your device in any bar or place.

Apple Claims There Is No Bug In iMessages iPhone App

by Hamza Tariq - on Feb 3rd 2012 - No Comments

Recently, after the public launch of the iMessages in the public with the release of iOS 5 along with iPhone 4S, a bug is appeared in the newly advertised “iMessage” service of Apple that allowed iMessage messages to be sent to a stolen iPhone, even after perform the complete reset and establishing a new iPhone with same connection and SIM card. However, earlier this week Gizmodo reported following the iMessage bug and highlighted a story of customer went to Genius Bar for help to fix its iPhone issue.

The Genius over the Apple’s Genius Bar applied some unapproved tricks to the device on which in result the customer started receiving the Genius iMessages on his iPhone. In the procedure, the Genius took his personal SIM on the customer iPhone to sort out his problem but after sorting out the problem, they both start experiencing slightly issue with their iMessages app on their devices. As the Gizmodo highlights the issue, The Loop’s talk with Apple’s representative to explain the kind of iMessage bug, and found out in return that Apple claims that it is not a iMessages bug.


“This was an extremely rare situation that occurred when a retail employee did not follow the correct service procedure and used their personal SIM to help a customer who did not have a working SIM,” Apple representative Natalie Harrison told The Loop. “This resulted in a temporary situation that has since been resolved by the employee.”

In short, Apple refused to claim that it is a bug in the protocol of iMessages, instead the representative says it happens due to performing protocol breach on the device, and it happened due to not following the correct protocol details provided to the Genius over Genius Bar. We also believe that the act of hooking up personal SIM into customers phone for solving out a problem is approved procedure by Apple, but it does mean that this was an “extremely rare situation.”

On another side, many users reported similar type of issues with iMessages experience, and henceforth we believe there might be a slight bug in the protocol which allows iMessages to be sent on the stolen iPhone as well.

iPhone 4S To Officially Launch In Twelve Countries On December 16th

by Absar Abdul Rahman - on Dec 3rd 2011 - No Comments

Well after a lot of break the GCC will get there quenches filled up as the iPhone 4S is going to available on December 16th, 2011 in 8 countries as far the news is up. The iPhone 4S was in past launched via the grey market but now its offcial and of course the price will be low to refering to the imported one. Below are the countries confirmed

  • Saudi Arabia (KSA)
  • Brazil
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • Russia
  • South Africa
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Chile
  • Turkey
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE) FaceTime Excluded*
  • Kuwait

The prices are yet not announced but as the question has already arise.. Is iMessage, FaceTime and Siri there ?? Well Siri can be a bit confirmed because the screen shot shows the Siri picture on it.

iPhone 4S On STC (KSA)

And we guess no need to turn about the specifications as you all have already learned it by heart. The specail rather main attractive feature the only Siri, voice assistant of the iPhone 4S. To register about the information of iPhone 4S prices, head over to this link (only for the Saudi Arabian folks).

Well for the prices to know, stay tuned with us.

iOS Code Unveils Apple Merger Of iChat with iMessage in iOS

by Hamza Tariq - on Nov 17th 2011 - No Comments

Once again, it appears in the code snippet of iOS that Apple is baking something in iOS with iChat features. It appears that Apple has been working on an application to integrate iChat into iOS, or already they have finished the work at their end. The developer John Heaton over twitter has unveiled the couple links of the iOS code represents the iChat functionality in iOS.

It is highly expected by the developers that Apple might be working on iChat application for mobile device to merge the iChat of Mac OS X with the latest iMessage service of iOS 5. According to the developer, the code is present in the iOS 5 SDK, since the first public launch of the iOS.

It’s not the first time that we are hearing about the merger of iChat with iMessage. Firstly, we have heard about that in the earlier week of September, before the launch of iOS that Apple has been actively working on iChat to merge it with iMessage.

The news arrived as the site found various strings relating to “instant messages” in the software framework of OS X Lion’s iChat client. Dubbed “timeDelivered” and “timeRead”, the site noted that both strings found appeared to relate to the active “tracking” of delivery of instant messages.