Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

T-Mobile Now Offers Compatible Micro SIM Cards For iPhone 4

From sometime rumors are circulating around the web that Apple will also come out with dedicated iPhone, which is capable of running T-Mobile’s 3G/4G network, and now today it seems that T-Mobile has took a first step in Apple’s iPhone partnership for T-Mobile. The company has announced a Micro SIM card for iPhone 4, and also offers it for free. Recently T-Mobile has not compatible SIM card to use in Apple’s iPhone 4. They just release the new Micro SIM for iPhone 4 after announcing that they have registered over 1 million Unlocked iPhone’s on their network after Apple’s start selling unlocked iPhone’s in U.S Apple Stores. According to the launch page of Micro SIM, it is also mentioned that the SIM could also be used in iPad to use 3G data.


This is a really good news for T-Mobile users who want to use iPhone on the network but due to compatibility issue they didn’t use, and also for those lucky owners who has Unlocked iPhones and now they don’t need to cut down their SIM to use it on iPhone. This move of T-Mobile will give a really large number of subscriber to the network, because Apple has already start selling unlocked iPhone’s. T-Mobile’s new Micro SIM card is available for on the carrier’s website.